Why do I get the message "Not authorized, log into the right account" when I try to put a cover image on my card set?

I keep trying to upload an image for my pack, but I keep getting a message saying im not authorized to do so and it asks me to make sure im logged in to the right account ??? What does that even mean? Im logged into my account and im using a 500 x 500 image as it says. Is this a problem that occurred because of the shutdown? Is anyone else able to upload a cover image for their card series?

Also, I just realized that I cant use the legendary rarity, as it says only “admins” can do that. What does that mean in this context? How do I gat an admin to mark one of my cards as legendary?

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I can’t answer the first question, but the second one. Legendary cards can’t be assigned by the card series creators. Only the admins of this website, who oversee the publication of series can assign one or more legendary cards to a series they deem worthy enough.

Have you seen the handbook for artists, who want to create a series on NeonMob? You can find it here:

Thank you! I skimmed through the handbook looking for a solution to the first problem but couldn’t find anything. I actually have my series ready for publishing but when I click the “preview” button it just says that I need to upload a cover image first. Ive tried everything I can think of but nothing has worked. Is there a way to try publishing from the app instead (because the ios app is where I signed up and first accessed my account)

email support@neonmob.com directly with your username and the name of your series, there is probably a very easy explanation for this issue. You can also just send the cover image to that email and we can upload it for you. - Joe @ NeonMob