Who else loves the new change!?

Before I add my riot act rant, someone give me a heads up as to whether neonmob gave out a warning on facebook or something about the change in freepacks. It’s still unacceptable to not tell us on the site proper, but I would hate to look like a raving a**hole with what I wrote here prior.

Edit: And now I see there’s a one hour timer instead of one til midnight? Are we going to get packs every hour after we use them instead? Why is there (as usual) no explanation from the devs upfront? :confused:


Why are the devs spending time on making changes nobody asked for when there are lots and lots of fixes (sometimes super simple) that people actually want? My guess is this is just a way to get us to log on more frequently. Having to log on every six hours to not miss out reminds a lot of some annoying mobile games… At first I didn’t mind (and I didn’t want to be the one to complain about anything new) but the more I think about it, the worse it feels.


I think for people like me, who have no life, it works out fine because I’m able to check every now and then and, if it means we get 10+ packs a day, get more out of it. On the other hand, if you can only check in once a day, you’ll miss out on 4 packs (at least). I can see why those people would not be very happy with the change.

If it turns out you’ll be able to get 20+ packs a day if you time it right I’ll be happy though, because I’ve seen a lot of collections that I’d love to start but couldn’t before (either because I was out of credits or simply because I didn’t like it enough to spend money on).


Or if you like sleeping more than 6 consecutive hours. Not that I’m complaining about more free packs, but getting that full 24 is pretty unlikely.

@kararedwing, I didn’t see any notification for the change anywhere before the change took place, but that’s expected.

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You’re absolutely right, I didn’t even think about that for some reason. Good thing I said 20+ (happy coincidence) lol.

So does this mean I’ll never have more than 6
Because before the change I usually have more than 6 so will my free packs never come ?

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There was an update shared in the Facebook group this morning. Not sure why @sierra hasn’t shared one here yet, but the other thread on this topic copied her Facebook post.

We basically get a free pack an hour, maxing out at 6 at a time so we have to log in more often to get more packs. You get more than 10 a day now, so not bad for us all, but as mentioned, the lack of warning before it happened is frustrating.


I don’t think it’s a positive change for people who actually have a life. If you don’t have the freedom to check back to Neonmob every hour, get used to getting /less/ cards than you did before.

Please fix issues that have persisted, NeonMob, rather than implementing more change that makes no sense.


It’s a valid complaint because it necessarily isn’t more packs. Most people will only get 6 packs a day now.

I’m mixed on the change. On one hand it’s good for collecting more cards, on the other, however, it’s bad for creators. Sure the amount is still limited per series but was hard enough to make anything as it was with 10 free packs when people had to be picky. Now it’s going to be even worse. Which could lead to creators not bothering, so less good series might come out so what are you going to collect with so many cards at your disposal when that happens?


I agree and I assume that’s the point. And, like, the action in and of itself doesn’t bother me, but the “oh we’ll just do this because it’s good for us, screw the users and their opinions lol” part makes it seedy. It really is not that hard to gives heads up in advance (not the morning of + some random messaging from Sierra hours after the roll out). Esp since the first handful of us on the site this morning were moments away from a ragequit because the full extent of the change was not apparent.

I’m on the side with the handful of people saying “let it count to 10” rather than 6. That would still require a 3x a day log in for the full 24, but it doesn’t spoil the game as we’ve been playing it for once-a-day players. Bonuses not punishment is the way to go.

That’s what I’m questioning. What’s the impact on the already very screwed over creators? I don’t see this increasing paid packs being bought; since we’re still limited to 2 a day for old and 3 a day for new series, more packs means collecting more series meaning more cards between more people and more trading. That said, I don’t see how this leads to users buying more packs and I can totally see how this leads to buying fewer packs since there are more cards for trading. Guess we’ll see how it turns out. :confused:


I like this system. It rewards people who are here often with free packs (that is good for everyone except maybe creators, that remains to be seen). A free to play system gives progression to either those who invest money or time, and in my opinion this incentivizes both parties. In general, people who have less time have more money. Yeah there are outliers and it sucks for anyone who had packs ‘taken away’, if they simply can’t visit more than once a day. But for many it won’t be hard to collect 12 or more packs a day, and hours spent trading will be that much more satisfying when people are responding within a 24h window. That being said, I agree there should have been a warning on this change. We care about this site.

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…Someone being busier doesn’t automatically equate to them having more money, especially to spend on packs. I was busier today and hey, look, I’m already missing packs.

They should’ve kept the system as it was.


I would have preferred it if they accumulate to 10. Where the free pack amount was.Now I have to come back in over 4 hours to get the rest of what I normally collected.

No warning and no correspondence with the people who use the site so that we can have our opinion. Checked the blog and still nothing new being put there. For those that don’t know, the blog is what they used to use to announce updates with warning.

And as usual, Where is our community manager? This thread has been up for 19 hours. A post was put up on the facebook page but where is our post here on the forums?


Is there another blog? The blog I’m aware of (http://www.seeingneon.com/) hasn’t had a post since July 2016 (ignoring the August post that they removed). Or did you mean the Facebook stuff?

Checked out the timestamp on the Facebook page, and they were late to the party; I was up complaining 5:00 my time and they didn’t post until 8:00ish my time. So my needlessly angry rant about total lack of information would have been quite accurate when I would have posted it. :stuck_out_tongue: Like, I’m not saying that the devs should be up at insane hours in the morning, but it’s not like they weren’t planning this in advanced. And it would not take more than an hour or so of coding to add a new “news” page to the front of the main site to announce changes. Like, where are the people with common sense on the team? Most sites have a news feed or similar mechanism on the site proper.

Just something I figured I’d point out for all the negative nancy’s and worrywarts out there: if you login even twice a day after a 6-12 hour period, you’re already getting +2 more packs in comparison to before. (Total=12)

So if you inch your schedule around to log on even once more per day, the new system immediately becomes better.

I don’t know, just thought I’d mention in case anyone here didn’t realize. :worried:


We can count, thanks.

The main issue is that, once again, these changes have been rolled out with zero notice to the users. How difficult would it be to send out a notice beforehand saying “Hey guys, starting tomorrow/next week, this is the way packs are going to be distributed: [details]” instead of people waking up to fewer packs than usual with no explanation as to why?


Right, which is why i said “in general people with less time have more money” and that it sucks for outliers haha. I am sorry you don’t like the current system though.

Then their post wasn’t relevant to you, since it was “just in case anyone here didn’t realize”. And to be fair people have been complaining about how it will be hard to get 24 packs and seem to be missing the point (I think you mentioned this).

I did log in to the browser-based client yesterday to a message telling me about the change so there was not zero explanation, though I don’t understand why it wasn’t also copy/pasted as a forum/blog post and some people didn’t even get the message. As someone who doesn’t use Facebook I’m used to being out of the loop at this point :sob: