What is the maximum limit of free pack?

Hi, I’ve been collecting for a very long time and currently I still see 6 free packs max (if I did not open throughout the day/night), however, rare and randomly I got up to 10, e.g. on Apr 8th for only at the beginning of the day (before I open any pack) when I first login for the day (and I always clear free pack to zero before I go to sleep).

Is it still 6 for everyone? My sister mentioned it changed to 10 for a while but I still got only 6 everyday.

I use android and there is no app through android yet so I login through Internet browser. Have not check through Google Chrome via laptop nor iPad app yet but these will be my next try.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

The number of freebies that a regular collector can “bank” is 6 packs; subscribers can bank 12 packs. If you jump levels by completing series milestones, you will receive bonus freebie packs above and beyond your normal banked packs. - Joe @ NeonMob


Thank you!

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