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*We need some kind of toggle on the trading menu to bring the people with the least/ most amount of cards to the top of the owners or seekers list. Alongside toggles to bring people with highest trade ranking (e.g. A+) to the top of the list (Having it so both can work at the same time would be ideal) whilst still prioritising people with duplicates over single cards. This would make searching for people to trade with a lot easier than having to scroll through lots of people, especially on older series, where most have 100% completion just to find ones with the least amount of cards collected right at the bottom of the list to trade with.
*Being able to hide accounts that you cant trade with from showing up in the list would also be helpful.
*I like that the amount of cards within a collection that people have in the trading list is now the percentage circles, as it gives a better idea of how many chase/ variants someone has. But I think it would be better if it was still the amount of cards shown (e.g. 47/100) rather than percentage within the circle which seems very obscure.

This week we get something like the fifth UI refresh of the trading screens. Yes, it looks nicer, but as I’ve said before they’re meaningless without functional changes that address the usability issues with trading in particular.

Can we at the very least get sorting based on the completion percentage column?

The preferred fixes for trading functionality would be some sort of advanced search that allows you to specify search criteria like “has duplicates, has series X, Y and Z, is missing card A, B or C”.

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so I play on the computer and also from the app - when I am on the app if i have completed a series and then want to trade off my duplicates I can’t! I want to look for seekers directly from the app so I can view what cards they may have for my benefit but I can’t - then I have to go into other random series and cross my fingers and hope the series i am trying to trade off is part of their seeking list - very frustrating and slows the trading process :cry:

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When trading chases or variants, I would like to see the Special Series Progress instead of (or in addition to) the Core Series Progress. Now that the completion circle is shown, I can already see if they have all special cards, but not how many they have exactly if they don’t have all special cards. Also if a set has chases and variants, I can’t see if a user has already completed either the chases or variants. It would be even better if the circle is clickable, so you can see exactly how many cards they have of each rarity. :open_mouth:

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Where are the CARDS? I came back to NM to find a mess. You guys had a standard, what happened?
Pictures with cats, photos with flags, photography without focus even? In what universe are these cards?!!

So disappointed…

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I am sorry you are disappointed with the quality of some of the series we have published in the past for amateur artists. We have been working diligently in the past few months to institute a more strict set of requirements for amateur series and have greatly reduced the amount of amateur series that we publish each month. However, we feel that it is still important to provide aspiring photographers and artists an avenue through which they can practice and refine their craft with feedback from the community.

We still supply a wealth of high quality collectible cards in our Pro series from a number of artists across the world and hope you would explore in searching for art that is more to your tastes.

Joe @ NeonMob

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I thought NM was a place to collect cool cards made by skilled artists. My bad, sorry for my harsh feedback.

I didn’t think your feedback was harsh, just constructive. - Joe @ NeonMob

I appreciate the new Discard feature. However, I feel that a lot of these new artist are extremely talented. What about a way to allow comments to be submitted directly to the artists?


I’m not sure if it’s still best to post suggestions here or start a new thread, but I have some suggestions -

  • An option to add all cards (that we don’t already have) in a series to our wishlist - The new wishlist feature is starting to be used more which is great, it’s helpful. Previously I had saved one card from a series that I liked to remind myself to check it for later. I’ve noticed that so far I’ve only got trades for the one card from a series that is saved rather than any from the series (understandably). Since a lot of series have a lot of cards, going through each one individually is very time consuming and it’s easy to miss some, making it less appealing to update the wishlist as you have to go through every series you would want to add every card individually. So an ‘Add series to wishlist’ button, that adds all cards we don’t own in a series to the wishlist, would be helpful.

  • A revision to the trading toggles - The toggles were a really great well-needed update, however, the other change made to sort users by their activity rather than by duplicates owned and having it not possible to use more than one toggle at a time made the update, for me, kind of useless. If we use any of the other toggles then people with duplicates are spread out throughout the whole list mixed in with people with singles (In the majority of cases people do not want to part with their single cards). Sorting by activity levels is still good, but it would be nice to sort by duplicates owned and series completion at the same time.


I like the sorting options when selecting a trade partner, but I would like a filter too.

I only want to see traders with duplicates, because most people don’t want to trade singles. I also only want to see traders with at least a trader grade B.

If I sort on copies owned, there are some traders with low trader grades at the top.
If I sort on trader grade, there are a lot of traders with only 1 copy at the top of the list because more people with singles than doubles.
If I search on series completion, there are traders with low trader grades and singles at the top.

The filter should have the options “minimum trader grade” (select box) and “duplicates only” (checkbox) or “minimum copies” (select box). Although I don’t care how many copies people have, because 2 is fine, so a checkbox takes less time to create and it’s also simpler for users to select in 1 click instead of 2.

One thing that would be really nice to have is if only traders who need a card you have are displayed, so if I want an ER and click on trade, that the trader actually needs one of my duplicate ERs or 2 duplicate VRs or 4 duplicate rares. Now I constantly have to go back to the list (which starts from the top every time!) and check another trader. I’m glad that the trader is grayed out afterwards though, so I don’t try to trade with him/her again. Many people wanted this for years, yet it’s still not here.


or a default sorting option - it tends to revert sorting order if i have to go back or cancel a trade and then i have to sit and filter it again and hope i remember who i all looked at sometimes


Here are some of my suggestions:

-A place to view your streak. So far it only appears after you open your first pack of the day and it would be nice to access is somehow

-A place to view points earned by discarding. Same reason for viewing streaks

-Filter for amateur/pro series. I collect a few amateur series and it would be nice if there was an option to separate them from the pro series

-Highlight same series in trading menu. The worst thing is having to read through other collectors series who collect a lots of series to try finding one series they might not collect.

Your point counter is located in the top right of your profile on both web and iOS.

Other points are good and I will make note to share with the team. Thanks!

Joe @ NeonMob


I just got a crazy idea, what about putting up discarded cards for auction?
Let’s say the start price would be 100 points and then let people bid on them for like one week?

Cards that no one wanted and didn’t bid on would be gone forever and the popular ones would be bought. + an option to buy points to spend on the auctions would be nice.


Release schedules would be nice


this is actually a decent idea - we go sometimes a long time with no packs to pull so we repeat what we can then all of a sudden there are 10 packs to pull from

however if we can’t do a release schedule then we should at least have the coding system like i suggested on fb as to mark what packs are expiring in what month so we know what order to pull them in =)

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Hi! New to the forum but an Idea I’ve had is to follow certain artists so I get notified when/if they release a new series.


Agreed. I was just thinking that it’d be nice to be able to Favorite an artist like it’s possible with a Series, but notifications on top of that would be great.

This might be an odd thing to suggest - and I might be alone in this suggestion - but I feel now that I have made a submission as a creator - that profile/dashboard is used much less frequently - I feel like your account should default to be a collector profile and click to access your creator profile

Just something I am finding rough when navigating.