Want a better NeonMob? Tell us how!

With our recent announcement that the all-new Discarding feature will be coming to NeonMob soon, it got us thinking: what other updates would community members like to see launched to improve NeonMob?

Maybe you want better alerts for new series … maybe you have a great plan to improve trading … maybe you want upgrades in the activity feed. Reply below and let us know what you are most interested in seeing added or revised that would make the NeonMob community even better. We’re listening!


A better way to compare collections and find interesting trades. When two collectors both have tens of thousands of cards from hundreds of sets, it can be difficult to find the cards that would make a good trade. A checkbox to filter for only sets that are in both players collections would be a good start!


I’d love to se a better restriction on the number of Chase cards per series. I’m all about completing the entire set, but when a set has nearly as many chases as regular cards, I end up either giving up or ignoring the series all together. Some series I have dozens upon dozens of normal cards just to get 3-5 chase cards. When there are 10+ chase cards… it’s not worth trying unless there are also 100+ cards in the series to collect.

  • Cross filter to compare only the series both traders have.
  • Increase/balance the minimum number of prints for chase cards to avoid have a collection with dozen of cards and some chases with only 3 or 4 prints.
  • Limit the number of chases relative to the number of cards. There are collections with more chases than normal card.
  • Messages in the mobile app :slight_smile:
  • Subscription (monthly plan) with benefits
  • Physical itens like tshirts, caps, wallets and so on, branded with Neonmob and some with arts from collections
  • Collectors market, where the collectors can put some cards and wait for the best offer

Once I complete a series. I would like to lock it so no trade offers come in, unless I have a duplicate of a card.

Actually have Ambassadors have a purpose with some sort of tools or abilities.


When viewing the owners of cards (With the purpose of trading) the ability to re-order by Trade Grade or by Completion Count would be a huge time saver.


It would be a great advantage to complete especially older series if cards would be back in the game of former traders with no action since more than an specific time like 6 or 12 month! Many wanted cards are blocked by traders with no interest in the game and no activity since month or years! Bring these cards back to the game!


When searching for owners of a card, only display owners with a high trader grade who need a card of the same set and rarity that you have a duplicate of. That would make every user in the list a valid trade partner. Right now it’s a lot of back and forth between the owners list and the trade window only to find out that they don’t need any cards I have or I don’t have any duplicates of those cards. Also automatically check 2+, unowned and the same rarity as the requested card on your side of the trade window.


Contact more professional or emerging artists : neonmob needs to be a place where true artist can gather ! I’m talking about animator, designers, sculptors , painters etc. ! You could even scout deviantart for new promising artists and offer them to work here !!

  • As everyone have said, I second the notion of easier match up for trading! You might be aware of an unofficial browser add-on that helps with this, so it’s definitely doable.
  • I think collaborating with big companies or famous artists can be beneficial. Imagine (for example) a Marvel Cinematic Universe set, the partner (Marvel gets) free extra promotion, Neonmob gets new users, and collectors get a cool new set to collect!
  • A better curating system on the Collect page. The sets shown in each category (Creepy and Cool, Pixel Art, etc). tend to be older series that already ran out of free packs. And the main carousel curation on top of the page is rather slow to update.

Return to a limited number of prints per collection, just like in the beginning, with a period or % of free packs, but increase the number of prints based on the actual player base (Not 50/50 ERs or those fabled 1/1 Chases). The limited number of cards made them “more valuable” and exciting to collect, with actual player interection and card/free code hunting.

On the other side, avoid series with docens of Chases, just to dump scketches of the same art.


Would be nice to see the streak window in the app somewhere. It just pops up once and if you haven’t read it there’s no way to see it again.


I think it’s easier to implement in the “Seekers” section, only displaying people with same rarity dupes or +1/-1 rarity (2VR=1ER, 2R=1VR, etc).

I’m againts taking cards from inactive players, but I’m in favor of return cards to the pool from cheaters with multiple accounts.


I would like to either see an Android app finally, or at the very least improve the mobile version of the site to make it more responsive.


NeonMob App suggestions

  1. IN APP MESSAGING! I’m shocked that messaging within the app is still not a feature. Why is this such an issue to implement when it is already available with the website? Half the time someone sends me a trade - they also message me, but because I don’t log into the website but use the app exclusively, I never know someone is messaging me. I might be declining a trade that I otherwise would not have, had I read their message.

  2. Allow us to search for sets/cards! It’s great that you show me certain sets that I may like or be interested in, but if there is a set I’m looking for - it would be nice to be able to type it and find it directly within the app.

  3. In app notification (+ lock screen) to warn us ahead of time with regards to server maintenance/down time.

  4. Sets we haven’t completed but are ending soon - give us a warning so we can concentrate on those. maybe a “ending soon” row with the sets finishing soonest located at the front.

  5. When clicking on a set and seeing the creator - let us have the ability to then click the creators name and see all the sets they have released - regardless of whether cards are or aren’t available still. If I collect a set from a particular creator then I’m most likely to be interested in collecting other sets they offer.

  6. Chase variants shouldn’t outnumber the rest of the cards in the set. They should be limited and must be a small percentage of the rest of the cards in the set. They are supposed to be the rarest of the rare. A set having 30 cards (common to extremely rare) and also having 30 chase cards makes no sense! If creators could get on board with this then that would help a lot.

  7. When viewing a collection, organize sets so that cards are displayed in rarity order starting with common and going all the way to chase. When I scroll through a single set I don’t want to see uncommon, rare, chase then common etc thrown all over the place.

Overall it would be nice if you could start updating the app in terms of features/fixes etc more often. Finding a NeonMob app update in the App store is like finding a 4 leaf clover. Other apps are updating on a weekly basis but the NeonMob app has been left woefully neglected in terms of improvements and updates.

  • A way to filter/organise trade lists by variables, for example, by trader grade, matching set ownership, open to trading etc.
  • A way to highlight same sets between traders in the trader window.
  • Ability to discard back into the main pool and to somehow get some of the cards from abandoned accounts back.
  • I wouldn’t mind having physical prints or printed items available for purchase again.
  • A fairer ratio of artist payment to neonmob commission rates.

Sorting options for trades.
A way to lock cards and/or sets from trade offers.
Faster load times.
A little more space in the bio page
A way to mark a set completed/collecting/purging in the dropdowns - maybe a one-character symbol before the set name.


1 - New information in the dashboard/stats.

It would be useful to see how many people have completed collecting your series/ how many people are actively collecting e.g. opened a pack in the last few days and how many people have lost interest not opened a pack in over a week.

I feel this will give creators more information to work with when creating a series and also a greater understanding of their audience.

  1. A better way to follow specific creators that you like e.g. follow button of some kind so you can stay up to date when their packs are going to end and when new ones are released.

Just my opinion not sure if these already exist but if they do I can’t see them which means others won’t either.


Regarding advise for the upcoming artist, there should be statistics about the kind of sets that attract and keep collectors active, the ideal size, amount of chases, etc.

I think the right balance is 4-5 ERs/4 Chases, giving that they should be the most valuable cards. A set with 2 chases makes them lose their value fast with the new odds since everyone will have dupes after a week. Also, a set with more than 6 chases makes the ERs worthless. And finally, a set with only 2 or 3 ers makes trading harder, since, from experience, lately is easier to finish the upper levels than Uc or R.