Viewing opened packs

I know that packs opened for 24 hours are grouped in one tile. But when you click it you can see only the newest pack in the group. How to view other packs in the group?

I don’t believe this is currently available in the history as the amount of information slows the propagation of the page worse than dial-up slow. But perhaps I am misunderstanding your question … do you have a link to share so I can provide a more accurate explanation? Thanks! - Joe @ NeonMob

I just now opened two packs and got in my activity history a follow tile:
which says I got 4 card where Lady Miho is a card with the highest rarity from these 4 cards.
By clicking this tile I can view only newest pack:
But I can’t view the pack I opened just before it:

I mean I’d like to see something like this when click a tile about opened packs in activity history?
Click the picture to see full ver.