[Userscript] Trade enhancements

I do a lot of cross series trades to collect old series. But for such trades, you need only cards from the OoP series. Also, to make the best offer, you need to open a user profile page to get additional info.
So I decided to write a userscript which helps me with trading.

Provided Features

Old text It provides the following things:

Series type filter

Adds 5 additional option for filtering series by its type:

Unlimited Series
Series with an infinite number of cards.

Limited Series
Series with a fixed number of cards, it also includes out of print series.

Free Packs Available
Series, where free packs still available.

Any Packs Available
Series, where any packs available, regardless of is it free or paid.

Out of Print Series
Series, where no available packs.

Series reset

Adds button for quick reset a chosen series without scrolling or moving scrollbars.


Collection progress

Adds a line with the progress of your and partner’s collection. It allows you to estimate partner interest in cards from this series.


Links to series and collections

Turns series name to a link to it.
Collection progress also is a link to the collection.


Buttons to select a series

Button to set a series as chosen to check out other cards from this series.


Button to filter out a series

It allows you to hide series, and it’s useful for hiding of big spamming series.


Last activity of the partner

How far ago the partner did something.
Note that means the last public activity but not the last site visit.


How to get the usercript

To use usercript, you need an appropriate extension. I recommend Tampermonkey (Chrome Webstore, Firefox Add-ons).
Then you need to download the userscript and the extension automatically offers you install it.

Now, the project is moved to its own GitHub repository, and there you can find the complete and actual list of provided features.


  1. To use usercripts, you need an appropriate extension. I recommend Tampermonkey (Chrome Webstore, Firefox Add-ons).
  2. Then you need to download the userscript and the extension will automatically offer you to install it.

There were some troubles with previous topic, so I had to created a new one.

Change log for release 1.2.2

Added ability to filter series by presence of free or any packs.
Filters moved to the series selector.
Added ability to choose series from card.
Added ability to hide (and show back) multiple series.
Added displaying of time of partner last activity.
Fixed broken popup with collection progress.
Fixed CPU and server loading in some cases.

New version 1.3.0

New feature added: filter sets.
This feature allows you to save settings of filters and, optionally, the chosen series (or series filter). It also includes a list of the hidden series.

If there is a filter set named “Default”, it will always be applied at the start of trading.


Thanks for the work. :blush: Oh, will it work on android users with mobile interface?

As far as I know, only Fiferox for Android allows installing extensions. But I’ve not tested the userscript there.

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New version 1.3.2:
FIxed links to user’s collections.
Removed links to series - now the site provides them.

Version 1.3.3
Fixed breakage caused by the site update.


New version 1.4.0

Short summary or tl;dr
  • Adds notifications of auto-withdrawn trades
  • Adds a warning if a card is used in other trades
  • Allows choosing a print to trade
  • Show popup with trade preview of trades
  • Fixed Open pack button color - for PRO users

Auto-withdrew fix

Now you’ll get notifications about auto-withdraw trades
Note, it just remembers your trades and displays auto-withdrawn ones. So if you make a trade on another device and it gets finished before the userscript sees it, there will be no notification.

Warning about cards involved in other trades

If a card is used in other trades, there will be a warning.

Hover it to see trades with this card.
It warns you about using a card in the same way. On your side of the trade window, it counts trades where you giving away the card. On the partner’s side, it counts trades where you’ll receive the card.

Ability to choose the print

If you want to trade a print with a not highest number to prevent auto-withdrawing or because you just want it then just click on the print number
and choose the print you need.

Preview of trades

Hover a trade to see its preview.


Open pack button color fix

The “Open pack” button is purple when you don’t have freebies or you have opened all freebie packs in the series. But PRO users have an additional freebie pack and the button still gets purple after opening 3 freebies instead of 4. Now it works properly.


Thanks for providing this script, it looks so incredibly useful!
I’m using Brave, and it doesn’t seem to work. I’m used to using, and writing (some) tampermonkey scripts, so I’m happy to help if possible.
This is the error that appears in the console:
​ ERROR: Execution of script ‘NM trade enhancement’ failed! jQuery is not defined

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Hmm, sometimes it was initializing before NM’s jQuery. Fixed in release 1.4.6. Now it should be ok.

Awesome, thanks. Works well now! However, I can no longer click on the forum’s link to access the forum. :smile:
When I do, it just closes the menu. Not a deal-breaker by any means since I can just type the forum address into the URL bar.

Weird, it doesn’t block any events. And the link to the forum in the menu works for me.

Working here as well now. Who knows. Brave is so wonky sometimes.

New version 1.4.15

  • Some improvements and fixes.
  • Now you can choose the prints only on your side of the trade: so other users, that aren’t aware of this script and its ability to choose prints, won’t accidentally trade away a low print number card thinking it is one with the highest of the owned ones. If you want to get a non-highest card, ask the partner to either use this script or use the old method by trading away all cards and then trading them back.
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New version 2.0-beta

One click instead of hundreds

Just select the rarities you want to get or nothing if you want everything and wishlist all these unowned cards in one click!

Open promo packs only when you want

Now, links with promo pack redirect you to the series page, where you can decide whether you want to open the pack or not.

Overthought to counter or modify a trade? Not a problem

Now, there is a button to cancel all the changes and return to the original trade.


  • On detailed view of an unowned card, click and hold it to see the colorful or animated version;
  • The list of partners won’t reload every time you come back to it;
  • When you quickly switch filters in the trade window, you’ll see relevant results only;
  • When you modify or counter a trade and all cards are from the same series, it’s get selected in the series filter;
  • You can use Space/Enter and Escape to accept or dismiss a confirmation or alert message.
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New version 2.1.0

See which cards are used in trades

On the series page and in your collection, cards involved in trades now have a corresponding icon that shows the trades. The involved card is slightly highlighted in the trade preview.


The detailed view of a card

  • Speeded up the ability to check out the colored/animated version of an unowned card. If you already own an animated card, you will see better quality :wink:

  • On the series page, the detailed card view also has buttons to see neighbor cards, and you can also use arrow keys for them.

Now cards have the order

Cards in trades will be sorted by rarity, so matching them is easier.

One click instead of hundreds 2

Now, you can unwishlist multiple cards as well - just set the favorite filter for it.

Setting section

Now Trade Enhancements has its section on the account setting page. Currently, there is only one setting - to disable auto-opening of promo packs (by default, the setting is off).

Number of partners

If you want to know the exact number of owners/seekers - hover the text.

Small changes on the trade window

The filter set is moved down to the card search field that gets expanded when focused.


I just logged in to tell you how much I love your script. I was running on a different browser and I missed so many functionalities! :heart_eyes:

If you can, in the future, please consider adding a filter that only shows owners of duplicates that have less than 100% completion. The sorting buttons are toggled instead of combined, they either sort by the amount of duplicates or by the percentage of completion, and it makes it awful to find people who might be interested in completing a series.

It seems that this script is intermittently breaking. Not sure what the cause is as of yet.

Hi, update the userscript twice, or it will happen automatically for two days.
The project is moved to its own Github repo.