Trading multiple copies?

I (vaguely) remember being able to trade multiple identical cards cards (say, giving 4 copies of the same card for another card I need). I can’t seem to be able to do this now. Was it changed? and why?

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That changed over a year ago. Came with the auto decline and auto withdrawal update. It will also cancel any other trades you have going with the same print once one is accepted. Basically childproofing so you don’t accidentally trade away all of your copies of a print. I find it annoying too.


That seems very dumb for me, hif someone have multiple copies of a popular card is normal to get more than one trade offert, and sometimes you want to get rid of more than one copy of the same card. This needs to be improved.

Maybe whit a warning or don´t letting you see a card hif you are using in on a trade, somethin like:

[Card_1] x5 Copies

(You proposed a trade using card_1)

(Now Neon Mob let you make more trades whit the same card, but displays instead)

[Card_1] x4 Copies

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It used to do something like that. It had a warning that you had that card in X amount of trades. We were told that method was not compatible with the auto decline and auto withdrawl features they added.

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any copy? Oh, that explains a lot…

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