Trade Suggestion

Not sure if this has been suggested before, but I think it’s a huge step in making a much sleeker and easier to use trade system to make a relevant trade a lot more easier to set up.

The option of seeing duplicate cards, and cards not owned by the tradee, is very useful; However, there should be a button to see which series both the Trader and Tradee are collecting! This way, if you want to offer cards from another series from the one you are trading for, you don’t need to look through an entire list to see which series they are collecting that you also have cards for. There is the new wishlist button, but that’s not much help if they haven’t added to it haha.

Hopefully this gets implemented as I love the site and this will make trading so much more attractive to use!


Another useful filter feature would be starred series. I know I have cards in some series I’m not collecting, so maybe starring a series could become a way to indicate you’re actively seeking it?


Hello @bunnypoppop,
Thank you for sharing your idea!

NeonMob recently announced this as an upcoming feature in their

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Along with what Hannah said, and in the meantime before the new update is in place, I recommend you add the NeonMob Turbo extension to your Chrome (

This was developed by an old user of the site whom we lost after the update that changed everything, back in 2016, and it turned out to be very useful. With it you can see what sets you have in common with your selected trading partner in the trade window, you can filter the sets by “>10 prints owned” or “<10 prints owned” in another person’s profile, get the count of your sets in your own profile and also a .txt with a complete list of all your sets plus a xx/xx cards and xx/xx special cards owned.
Mind you, sometimes it doesn’t work too well, but it’s very useful still.
There might come a day when Turbo is not useful anymore, but for now, I use it a lot and recommend it too :slight_smile:


Awesome I had no idea about this! Thanks for linking it :smiley: