To Trade, To Counter, or Not to Trade - that is my question

Interesting to read about the bad reputation of declining. That explains why some collectors prefer to let trades expire. I always wondered why that is but I only have 6 months trade experience here🙂
Blocking rude collectors seems like a good solution as this theoretically will isolate them step by step. Luckily I have not had such case yet.:blush::+1:
Usually my biggest problem is the missing definition of “fair” because that is very subjective. I often read “Fair trades only” but without definition of fair the sentence is useless.:neutral_face:


I usually decline a trade if it’s from a series I don’t collect, don’t own duplicates from, or if the trade is unfair. I ask them to check my bio for trading tips and try to counter.

You shouldn’t feel guilty about declining! It’s your cards, and if you don’t want some other cards, well, that’s your choice!

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Honestly, just block people if they are being rude … it’s not worth your time to debate anything else about it. - Joe @ NeonMob

Personally I hate to block - as time goes they may end of with something I need, so I typically block as a last resort and for extreme cases only.