To keep or discard?

Hi tried looking around for an answer but couldn’t find one, so any opinions/answers would be greatly appreciated.

So I have completed a series, got all commons, rarities and even variants and chases. So what do others do? Do u discard them and get the carats or keep only one copy of each?

Also if u discard cards, does your level drop? Do the milestones change?


You don’t loose milestones, badges, rewards or level points due to card discarding (even the last copy).

I personally discard cards when series is OoP and I need carats. I keep 3 copies of cards and don’t discard ER, chase and variant cards (unless they indeed are worthless) at all.


Thanks. That is great to know.
You have given me something to think about. Thank u

Value begins to rise after the series is out of print or only available for credits. So just wait a year or two and your cards may be of value. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks will keep that in mind.

I keep all of mine! You never know when a new player might join and really really want that whole series, and sometimes you may find that the total number of prints for a series or a specific card ends up being very low after it becomes finite, meaning that there aren’t many others in existence… :slight_smile:

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What happens to discarded cards? Do they go to make new packs or are they lost to the system forever?

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I think they’re removed from the system, as the card count for that series drops after enough discards occur.


Always good to keep a few extra, even lower values! I often sprinkle my trades with a few rare/commons if I see the other person has them on wishlist or is collecting that series :slight_smile:


I haven’t discarded cards in a long time. For many series that I collect, I don’t want to discard them because I enjoy the art. Sometimes I like the art in a common more than the art in higher rarities.

I agree with shadowmetaru, and to extend that, I also think it is good leverage to have multiples of a full set around to trade.

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How does the discard pile work? Does it work the same for limited and unlimited cards?

I saw some unlimited cards whose print number exceeds the total published cards. So I thought the reasoning behind this have something to do with the discarded cards. Discarded cards being reborn with new print numbers when a user discard them.

But I’m not really sure though… :roll_eyes:

Discarded cards have not been returned to the system, they are held in a secure location on our server in hopes that we can create viable packs in the future to share with the community. Card numbers don’t change, but the number of available cars in circulation will change based on the number of discards … for example, 100 total cards of X are originally released for a series but 10 people discard their X card; card number 100 might be in your collection but the system will only list 90 cards available in circulation since the other 10 cards are in our internal discard pile.

Hope this makes sense … if you need more clarification just let me know :slight_smile:

Joe @ NeonMob