The fate of cards: Or a site about collecting and displaying art making older art collectible

So hear me out here.
It is a bit sad to see some really great pieces of art go unloved, untraded, and otherwise forgotten.
This happens because players will leave Neonmob forever and whatever they are holding gets lost to the void.

As someone who played a long time ago and took a long break, I get that life can get in the way.
But while trying to complete my older sets I also realize that it can be near impossible. With people who are not playing and haven’t in years, sitting on the only few of those ER cards that are needed.

My suggestion is more from experience playing a different collecting game. One where even though I know if I don’t play for a couple years I’ll lose my collection, but one where I know all the items could theoretically be collected.

So when someone is absent from the game. Hasn’t even so much as logged in, in some arbitrary time frame. 1 year? Until they have an F rating? 2 years?
There collections get reclaimed from the unloved forgotten void and put back into circulation.

There are a couple ways that this could be done I think. Here are few off the top of my head.

  1. Special set of packs that are only the ones collected from the void. So they could possible be from ANY set.

  2. Special sets whose packs are collected from the void but each set is based on the year is was published. So one set of ‘void published in 2019’ another set of ‘void published in 2018’ This way you could possibly change the cost to reflect the ‘rarity’ of how old a set is.

  3. Use the cards to give away for weekly streaks, or as prizes for something, perhaps something that helps build the community up.

  4. Allow people to buy the card with points or carats.

Any way you look at it. Even if I were to never buy anything to do with the new cards. They would now be in circulation again. Which means the chance of me getting that chase or that uncommon that, at the moment, is near impossible, would be possible

I apologize if this has been talked about before. I assume is has came at at some point. However I did not see anything about it.
:slightly_smiling_face: What do you think? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, it has been suggested before and the answer is no. Scarcity was a big part of the game experience before the change to infinite cards. They own those cards.

But, if you want a specific set, there’s an idea of doing a new version of out of print sets, you can add your favourites.

There’s also a “void” you’re not considering: Cards quarantined in cheating accounts. I’m game for those.


That makes some sense, but it doesn’t seem to relate to my suggestion.

There are still no more of those cards then there ever were. You aren’t adding any cards. And you aren’t subtracting any kind of rarity. Those cards will still be just as rare as they always have been.
The void that we talk of is the same void. Tell me what the difference is between ‘cheating accounts’ and accounts that someone created, opened their free packs on, and then never returned to. Possibly sinking a variant or chase forever into the abyss.
And the reprints don’t have anything to do with what I’m talking about. Oh, also, the reprints do more for what you’re saying then my suggestion. You would then have many more of these cards (sure they would have a small symbol to denote them different) but NeonMob is about collecting original art. Not replicating it.
And if you cannot collect the art because it is in the void, It detracts from the collecting aspect of the game.

That’s because you feel entitled to complete a set, at the expense of someone else’s cards. But scarcity is what make them valuable. Valuable enough to pay real money for a digital image.

It’s tought that I will never finish Untranslatable Words, but I wasn’t here when it was printed, I didn’t pay money for packs, I didn’t open packs for days until it was out of print, I didn’t have anything to trade for when there was collectors available, I didn’t even knew Untransatable Words existed until a year I was playing here…I don’t want to take the cards of someone else just because I like them.

But there’s a chance NB release Untranslatable Words v2, That’s enough.


Patience may be a good advise too. If you collect an actual series now and store some chases these will logically be also rare out of print cards in a year or two. Then maybe an old player comes back with the cards of your desire and then this old collector may be interested in your cards because he/she was away a long time.
If you cant live with incomplete series then better not start collecting old n rare stuff.:blush:


This is why I continue to open packs from series that I love after I‘ve completet them. I‘m trying to collect multiple duplicates of each cards of these series, so that at a later point in time I‘d be able to trade someone the full series.

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I find that rude and unfair to the accounts your stealing cards from. Just because someone isn’t around for a couple years doesn’t mean their stuff should be taken from them. They could have paid money for those cards. Also they could come back. As someone who has had accounts locked and closed down on other sites just cause I stopped playing for a bit, I know exactly what that’s like and it’s severely unfair for all the time spent wasted. You’re not just taking their cards, your making all their time on this site meaningless, and it would also push users away from ever returning once their cards are taken because of that bad experience.


Love the idea , it is really frustrating, to see cards you need in no longuer playing collectors. Trying to contact several times and no awnser. I don’t like to have unfinish series.

I just came back after 2 years and would probably never touch this site again if I had lost my almost complete Avatars set. This is a bad idea imo as it puts a time limit on rebounding. I like that my collection is still there when I come back and while it’s tough to finish some sets that doesn’t mean it would be ok to just revoke the cards from people.


Revoking cards from dormant collectors is NOT the direction we are going … those are their cards, they took the time to collect them, and it’s their decision whether to visit, trade, abandon, etc. It’s our job to make the community so inviting that dormant players want to return to check out new features and re-engage in trading and collecting … this has been our focus the past 3 years and, as Shawn mentioned before, the changes we have been implementing have been bringing in new players and bringing back veteran players.

The outstanding question is what to do with those profiles that have been closed for cause … whether that user closed their account personally, an account was closed due to cheating, etc. This is a different scenario than a user account that is in good standing but has been dormant as the user has not visited the community in some time. Cards in these types of accounts may be returned to the collecting community at a point in the future, but we need to complete our current production roadmap before diving into this realm. This is similar to discards being re-introduced … might take some time as we are a smaller team, but it is on the board.

Joe @ NeonMob

PS: Welcome back @insert_disc_2! Hope you are enjoying some of the updated features :slight_smile:


I’m loving the new free packs system and I’ve noticed so many new QoL features, I’m happy to be back and hope to stay for longer this time around.


I really like the idea of discards being “reshuffled” into a grab bag system. Keep everything else the same, but with the added option to open a pack from this grab bag instead of one from a specific series. There would be lots of commons and duplicates, but also a small chance for something really rare and/or long out of print.

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Good topic! I had joined in 2016, dabbled here and there with some collecting, then life took some directions I had not anticipated and my free time and focus shifted elsewhere. . I just started collecting again a few months ago (even bought some credits to further my collecting ability for some select series) and I’m glad to see my account and cards are still here and waiting for me. I liked what @NeonShawn had said in another similarly-themed thread in regards to an opt-in collection/donation system, and also about the replica series being released. Having come back after awhile and seeing my incomplete and now OOP sets and seeing the series that I missed in my time away, I would be quite keen on both ideas being implemented in some form.

Just a reason to further support the idea is that carats would become a lot more valuable and versatile if older series are available in that way. Right now carats can only give you what you can get already if you put enough effort/time. There will be more incentive to dismantle your current cards which means that there will be more cards in the reshuffle circulation that people will want after the series is unavailable later on.
On a personal note, I think higher rarity cards could be worth more carats which would raise the incentive to dismantle those if you have a surplus. To make the dismantling incentive more viable, collection points could be lowered because lots of people like completing sets without too much more incentive anyway.

The big dilemma going for the carats and discarding badges or going for the collected badges…
Indeed, more carats for discarding could be helpful, but at the very moment , I’ld rather go for the collected badges and once received that 100K badge, it can quite quickly complete that 1K discard badge.
Made a rough calculation based on my playing behaviour since July 2018: See you in 5 years with completed collected badges and then a few days after, discarded badges :crazy_face:
Note to self: just be thoughtfull on what to use my carats. :grimacing:

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Any progress on reintroducing prints from cheater accounts yet?

No progress yet as we have been working on other functionality first. - Joe @ NeonMob