☀ Collaborative Creator Resource Compendium ☀

Hello everyone :blush:
I would like help from the NeonMob Community to put together a collection of helpful links for advice, media, resources, software, supplies/tools, tutorials (etc.) for beginner and advanced artists alike.

This forum topic would be updated frequently with questions and answers from fellow-artists/creators as well as have updated front-page links to resources as they become known.

(Ideas for organization of this collection of resources are welcome, as well).

If you like the idea for this compendium but have nothing to contribute currently, please like this post as a form of feedback to let us know!

*last updated July 16th, 2016


:sunny: Table of Contents :sunny:

:mushroom: NeonMob Creator Handbook, FAQs, & Web-Links

:chestnut: Software Webpages & Tutorial Links

:mushroom: Traditional Medium Advice, Ideas, & Tutorial Links

:chestnut: Directory of Additional Resources

*last updated July 29th, 2016

A very helpful resource for beginners is oft overlooked; NeonMob’s Creator Handbook. The following links are listed for ease-of-access to Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

:sunny: Creator Handbook :sunny:

:mushroom: [Home Page] (http://help.neonmob.com/creator-handbook/welcome/)
:chestnut: [Submitting your Idea] (http://help.neonmob.com/creator-handbook/submitting-your-idea/#intro-to-submissions)
:mushroom: [Approval Process] (http://help.neonmob.com/creator-handbook/submitting-your-idea/#submission-approval-process)
:chestnut: [Designing your Series] (http://help.neonmob.com/creator-handbook/designing-your-series/)
:mushroom: [Image Size Requirement Guide] (http://help.neonmob.com/faq/image-formats)
:chestnut: [Size of Series] (http://help.neonmob.com/creator-handbook/designing-your-series/#size-of-collection)
:mushroom: [Creating a Story with your Series] (http://help.neonmob.com/creator-handbook/designing-your-series/#telling-your-story)
:chestnut: [Assigning Rarities] (http://help.neonmob.com/creator-handbook/designing-your-series/#card-rarities)
:mushroom: [Exclusivity] (http://help.neonmob.com/creator-handbook/designing-your-series/#exclusivity)
:chestnut: [Posters & Selling Prints] (http://help.neonmob.com/creator-handbook/designing-your-series/#posters)
:mushroom: [Submission Checklist] (http://help.neonmob.com/creator-handbook/designing-your-series/#checklist-before-submitting)
:chestnut: [Finalizing & Submitting your Series] (http://help.neonmob.com/creator-handbook/designing-your-series/#submitting-series)

:deciduous_tree: Creator Success :deciduous_tree:

:mushroom: [Creator Profile] (http://help.neonmob.com/creator-handbook/creator-success/#intro-to-your-creator-profile)
:chestnut: [Promoting your Series] (http://help.neonmob.com/creator-handbook/creator-success/#promoting-before)
:mushroom: [Sales & Analytics Dashboard] (http://help.neonmob.com/creator-handbook/creator-success/#sales-and-analytics)

###:cherry_blossom: Frequently Asked Questions :cherry_blossom:
:mushroom: [Creator FAQs Home] (http://help.neonmob.com/faq?category=Creator+FAQs)
:chestnut: [Amateur Vs. Pro Series] (http://help.neonmob.com/faq/2016/4/18/whats-the-difference-between-amateur-and-pro-series)
:mushroom: [Format & Size Requirements] (http://help.neonmob.com/faq/image-formats)
:chestnut: [Submission Success] (http://help.neonmob.com/faq/2015/7/14/what-makes-a-good-submission)
:mushroom: [Image Requirements for Prints] (http://help.neonmob.com/faq/poster-sizes)
:chestnut: [How Creators Earn Money] (http://help.neonmob.com/faq/2015/4/23/if-i-become-a-creator-how-do-i-earn-money)
:mushroom: [Copyright Policy] (http://help.neonmob.com/faq/question/what-is-your-copyright-policy-for-collection-creators)
:chestnut: [Adaptation & Fan-art Policies] (http://help.neonmob.com/faq/fair-use-policy)
:mushroom: [How Creators Are Paid] (http://help.neonmob.com/faq/2015/10/23/when-and-how-do-neonmob-creators-get-paid)
:chestnut: [How Prices are Determined] (http://help.neonmob.com/faq/how-are-the-prices-determined-for-neonmob-series-posters)
:mushroom: [How to Share your Work in Progress Series] (http://help.neonmob.com/faq/2016/5/9/how-do-i-share-a-preview-of-my-in-progress-series)

#:sunny: NeonMob on The Web :sunny:
:mushroom: NeonMob Facebook
:chestnut: [NeonMob Twitter] (https://twitter.com/NeonMob)
:mushroom: [NeonMobsters Facebook Group] (https://www.facebook.com/groups/656237977849495/) composed of collectors, creators, and staffers; this group is dedicated to everything NeonMob-related

*last updated July 29th, 2016

:sunny: Software Webpages and Tutorial Links :sunny:

:deciduous_tree: Illustration/Graphic Design Software :deciduous_tree:

:house: Adobe :house:

*[Adobe TV Home] (http://tv.adobe.com) A homepage for links to Adobe app and tool basic tutorial pages, including Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Photoshop, Lightroom, Acrobat DC, Premiere Pro, Experience Manager, Dreamweaver, Elements, etc.

:paintbrush: Gimp :paintbrush:

:art: SAI :art:

Medibang Paint Pro

:cherry_blossom: Fractal Software :cherry_blossom:

:moyai: Sculpting Software :moyai:

:heart_exclamation: Miscellaneous/Other Software :heart_exclamation:

###:eyeglasses: MS Paint :eyeglasses:
###:gem: PixilArt :gem:
###:barber: Corel :barber:

*Font Squirrel (free/commercial-use font database)

*[Sellfy] (https://sellfy.com/) (Designer resources, fonts, textures, etc.)

*last updated July 29th, 2016

Traditional Medium Advice, Ideas, Tips, & Tutorials (WIP)

:sunny: Directory of Additional Resources & Media on the Web :sunny:

@redrabbit-pixel pixel artist & tutorials

@DF_drawing themed imagery and tutorials for reference and inspiration
@rare_cabbage themed images and text for reference

###Other Resources On The Web:

Ctrl+Paint A free web-source for learning the basics of digital painting.

*last updated July 29th, 2016

Somehow I can’t like forum threads (yet), maybe my forum account is still too fresh. Please feel your thread liked. I think, such a compendium is a great idea. I know some offsite resources and just need to put together a list on my computer and transfer it to my iPad.:slight_smile:

Though, someone mentione in another forum thread, that you only seem to be able to edit a forum post for about 3 or four weeks.

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Thank you for replying! I had forgotten that different abilities are not available to fresh accounts :grin:.

Wandering around the forums a bit, creating a bio, giving feedback on posts, etc. gives you badges and levels up your member-rank which enables you to do more things.

I’m not sure how long posts are editable; I thought I had seen a post that had passed that limit, so I thought I would at least give it a go.

Most of the front page should be complete with the basics by then, methinks. As posts near the three weeks, I can try to post a “continued here” link to the next post.

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Thanks for the reply! I’ve noticed that I can like. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to, because most buttons looked greyed out. But they seem to work, when I click on them. :grin:

I actually don’t use any of those. I use Pixilart.

here’s some stuff I can offer for the list:

Medibang Paint Pro has a lot of similarities to SAI but it also has some nice bonus resources and works on various devices + it’s completely free:

Font Squirrel is a website that collects free for commercial use fonts, meaning you can find a fancy font for that set you wanna make and not give any money for it:

(still, always read the license agreement, just in case)
There’s some very cheap fonts as well, in case you want to buy a font, but don’t feel like paying a ton

While on the subject of buying resources, Sellfy offers a lot of textures, fonts and other designer goodies that you can use in your sets and most of them come at reasonable prices
There’s also monthly bundles that help you get more stuff for less money as well as friday freebies which only ask for you to share the product on social media.

DF drawing is a fun little twitter I have been following for a while, posts themed imagery for reference and inspiration, as well as tutorials found around the web.
They also often promote korean artists (which if you’re interested in anime styled art will probably bring some extra inspiration to your table) and boost accounts that offer anime related products.

in the same fashion, rare cabbage posts themed groups of images on their twitter, which can make for good reference or inspiration as well as occasional artist shares, but they also post texts quite a lot, which can get tiring if you decide to scroll down the wall and not just use the media window instead xD

Red Rabbit is a pixel artist I adore and they have made a few tutorials in the past on how they create their work.
Seeing as pixel art is really liked on NM, here’s a link to RR’s tumblr with all their tutorials

That’s it from me for now :blush:


I know this is an old topic but I thought you should definitely add Krita to your list of “Software Webpages” - it’s a fabulous digital painting program that is open-source and entirely free. Here’s a link:


Also, I’ve tinkered around with Apophysis, which is another open-source fractal flame editor and software program to make fractal art - link here:


Hopefully I’m not resurrecting a dead but excellent thread!

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