Suggestion for ''Owners'' sorting

Can there be an option to sort out people who only have 1 copy of a print when looking at list of owners?

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I do not believe he means that. I think he wants to remove all owners from the list that have 1 or less of the card. I agree, because it is inconvenient. Usually, no one will trade away their last card.

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I also think he wants to hide owners with a single card.
You need just sort down by “OWNED” and the list will start with users with the max number of copies of a card. And from recently search filters are kept for some time and it’s cool.

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This is not true that people will not trade away their only copy of something. Often times people have opened the promo packs or received random cards in trade for series that they have no intention of collecting or give up on. They are often the best ones to trade with! Especially if no one has dups.


Yeah, besides quantity of cards, I check the percentage of completion to try and guess if they’re trading it. Then check bio and then trade or ask if said single print is for trade. :sunglasses:

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Same with me. But there are series where the only people with a copy of a print are at 100/100 % finished. :frowning:
Or they’re long inactive. Example of this is pugtato from Punny Foods(The chase)
also looking for C from punny foods as well.

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Would also love to have a setting, " You collect cards from the same sets". That would be neat.

sets in common is the third sort button from left in the trading pane - of course this is no guarantee that you both are collecting

Yes I meant that I would like to hide owners with one print while in the owners lit window. maybe even specify a limit like 3 and up or a completion range to refine the search I know if I see someone 4 dupes and a 60% completion rating, i’m most likely to have a print they don’t have or more.
its rare but its a pain to scan for especially if you go in and find out you dont have any cards they dont have and have to re-scroll through it all

No, but to sort out immediately (In the owners part) Not having to click the third button on every single person(I am well acquainted with that third button, I use it often)

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Please use your W and not double V when posting … We like people to be able to search and “Owners” is a common search term in our community. Thanks! - Joe @ NeonMob

I cannot. It hasn’t been functioning since last October. But I’m sure I can copy and paste though through editing

oh ok, if that’s the case it’s fine … no harm, no foul, no need for you to copy and paste :slight_smile:

oh ok! Thank you for understanding

This is sometimes how I cross my fingers and hope the ones I really struggle for happen - in ALL cards including chases - I look for those people that have 2% complete or something and offer trades

there are sorting buttons for “# of copies and % complete” - just utilize those options - but it would be nice to be able to lock those sorting options so we don’t need to change them every time the list appears :grinning:

I do not seem to see those buttons for % complete.

I definitely might need a little direction for those buttons. I basically scrolled a good 2345E kilometer’s vvorth on my mouse looking for trades


The down arrows next to trader grade - owned - and series complete are toggle arrows

If you click on them - you can swap them, so they sort by what you are looking for.

This has to be done on the web though not on the app yet.


Wow ok that’s very helpful! Now I don’t have scroll looking for someone with low percentage finished!

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I will most DEFINITELY be trying this. never noticed those arrows. maybe they should be a bright blue or purple