Suggested Features

Ideas for new features and functions.

I would love to be able to click outside of a box and have it disappear without having to click the X in the corner. It’s not such a big deal in the trade windows, but when I’m far down the Owners or Seekers list it would be extremely helpful. Then I don’t have to scroll all the way up to get out of the screen.

It would also be great if you could sort the list of Owners or Seekers. For example, I may want to only see A+ people and sort them by completion of set (if I want to trade a variant I generally look for A+ Seekers who have a complete set because it’s more likely that they’ll be collecting variants).


-Archive: Save prints away from your regular collection so you don’t accidentally trade them away (esp. if it is some kind of special print like a #1)

-High Priority: Mark a series high priority so traders know which kinds of prints you would most like without having to go see if their bio has those details. Or even just to have your trade list show series the other person collects in black text, and series they don’t collect in grey.

-Display Options: This one is a little silly, but oh well. I complete a set and besides satisfaction I don’t really know what to do. I think it would be cool if there were programs that could display your prints in a series like a slideshow with different display methods.

-Mass Duplicates List: Sometimes I just want to know all of my duplicates so I can hunt for people who want them, but I can only see all duplicates while I am trading with a specific person, or I can only see duplicates for a specific set while in that set.

-Friends: I seem to remember being able to “friend” people on here. I would love that for my RL friends and for people I like trading with. Was it available before and it was removed?

-Bounty: On certain prints you are trying to find, you can list a reward if the request for trade is filled. Like you could have a print as a reward, or share credits?

-(bug?) Freezing on mobile: With Chrome on Android it seems like every 10 seconds the page won’t respond for about 5 seconds. Makes browsing very frustrating.

I’m sure I have more. I am always thinking while enjoying this site how much more I would enjoy it with some tweaks and additions. If one of these can already be done but I just don’t know, sorry! Let me know how!


Hooray for a suggestions feed :smile:

  • I think I heard somewhere that there is an app in progress. Is that true? I really hope so, because trying to use NeonMob on my iPhone just doesn’t work!
  • Social Aspects: I strongly second the “Friend” option–I’d love to be able to have easy access to the collectors I know in RL, and also to people I regularly trade with. Often, if I know somebody else is also collecting a few of the same sets as me, I’ll try to do on-going trades, where whenever I get something they need, I’ll offer it to them first (and sometimes vice-versa), but it’s incredibly difficult to do that at present. Similarly, if I find somebody who has a similar taste in art to mine, then I think it would be cool to be told when they start collecting a new set, so I can have a look at it! :smile: Also, maybe even the ability to gift prints to friends–sometimes I’ve got a duplicate that one of my friends really wants, but they’ve got nothing I want/need. Rather than accepting a duplicate for something I already have, it would be nice to be able to give it to them!
  • Trading: I think we definitely need to be able to refine our searches when looking for trading partners–by trader grading, by set completion, and by trying to filter so we can only see the people who are actively collecting the set–having an otherwise perfectly good trade offer turned down because the other person isn’t really looking for that set always feels so disappointing! I also think it would be cool to be able to do refined, multi-print searches (for example: People who are Looking For X, and Have Y). When you’ve got just one [Very Rare] duplicate, and you’re looking for that one last [Very Rare] you need, it can take forever to find somebody who has the duplicate you need and also needs the duplicate you’ve got (but if you keep looking long enough, you can often find multiple people who fit that category–it just requires hours of searching!).
  • Submissions: I really think accepted Submissions need to be moved to their own tab–currently one of the first Submissions which shows up under “Popular” is in a set which has been released now! I also think it would be useful for artists who are submitting multiple images from the same proposed set to be able to have them grouped together, so when somebody clicks on an image, they can see all the others which have been submitted for that set. That way, people can try to get a better feel for what the set as a whole might be like. I also think it would be really useful to have the option to receive alerts when a print/set you liked on the Submissions page is now available to collect!
  • Collection Organisation: When viewing sets, I really think Duplicates need to be their own tab, so that they can also be sorted by Rarity Gem! And while one can already look through a slideshow of one’s “Favourites”, I think it would be cool to be able to organise ‘Favourites’ into different categories (for example, prints which depict cats, or prints which have a similar colour scheme, etc)!
  • Forum: The calendar for upcoming sets on the last forum was really useful! Would we be able to have it back? Also…is there any way that we can change the language settings? It’s rather distracting seeing my drafted posts absolutely covered in squiggly red lines when I haven’t misspelt a single word (Case in point: “Misspelt” is perfectly good English basically everywhere outside of the USA! ;))–it makes it all the more difficult to proofread, because I have to try to check whether I’ve actually made a mistake, or if it’s simply a case of the US having different spelling conventions!

Thank you so much for having such a wonderful site! I look forward to seeing it grow and develop ever closer to its full potential! :slight_smile:


-Counter offers: I hate that if I forget a trade that I offered, I can’t find out what it was if my trade was countered. I would hate to make the same trade twice and come off as belligerent.


in addition to all the suggestions above, i wish there was a reward for when you finished the main set… maybe like a credit award equal to the amount of cards in the set (if you collected all 100 cards you get a 100 credit reward) and a bonus if you collect all chases or variants.

Ninja Edit: also adding merch like stickers, prints, shirts, etc only available for the cards you have would be nice. i’d really like to have some of the art i’ve collected hanging in my room


I like the idea of a reward when you complete a set, but what might be more practical for the site is a small reward for a full series set completion. Maybe this would be rewarded by a free pack or two for a reward only set - you know, for us folks that don’t have a ton of friends to refer. Then I would have a shot at some of those prequel sets :slight_smile:


Yeah, having another way to open reward sets would be really helpful! And I do like the idea of getting a reward for full completion of a set!

And I would definitely wear a Pinkerton Little Big Adventure shirt! :slight_smile:


What I would really like is a more advanced milestones system, where % completion is shown visually somehow, and have all of the various collections also show up on one page (Like the current dropdown on the collectors page, yet divided into commons/uncommons/etc., and sortable by percent complete/expired set/etc…).
Additionally, a way to view all artwork you have collected, sorted alphabetically, in order of getting it, and by collection, with slideshow style viewing (or at least full screen, with the text to the side), and story viewing (the text too).

An app would be the best, as I get the lag too, on android and even PC.


Can I suggest that each member be given their own say for me Also the ability to showcase some of our collection? I would love to put Lost Realm on such a page. This can help with the SEO efforts to propagate Neonmob and also serves as a source of pride for members collecting their loved art.

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Maybe have those pages for collectors only, but still love the idea.

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I’d like to be able to ‘star’ series which I’m collecting. Then when people are trading they could see which series I’m after easily.
For example when you look at seekers there could be an extra column for stars, so if you see someone with a star you know they’re likely to want to trade. Also when in a trade when selecting your own prints to offer you could see which of your duplicates the other person is after. (i.e. the best prints to trade would be your duplicates the other person does not own, but in a series they have starred. If there was a filter for these even better!)


I like this suggestion, but perhpas for new series artist could have the option of creating a print which is only available if the series is completed. (And perhaps disappears if cards are traded)


Another vote for gifting! I have a lot of prints that I’d just like to be able to give to people without having to try and come up with prints they both don’t want and that I do want.

Also - I use an iPad and get the pink JSON error a lot where my cards will be listed twice, and if I click the wrong one while working on a trade that error will pop up. The way the error is positioned, it sits under the messages sidebar, but over the trade box, so that it covers the “offer trade” button, but you can’t close out of the error until the sidebar is closed. You can’t close the messages until the trade is closed, so you have to close everything and redo everything. I usually have to redo 3 or 4 trades a day due to this.

Similar issue with closing out of the filters on my side of a trade - because the close button is right next to the messages sidebar on an iPad, if there is any activity there, it’s very easy to accidentally hit the activity instead, have it load, and have to redo your trade all over again. I’ve had times where even though I know this is happening, it’s so unintuitive to close out of the filters by tapping on the other side of the screen (which seems like the only way to get around this) that I accidentally reset my trade 4 or 5 times in a row.

If those things could be resolved, that would be huge! I like the site a lot, but those things can get really frustrating.


I generally don’t do any trading on my iPhone, because the whole thing regularly freezes up, or I tap the wrong button (the messages are in a separate screen, and the button to get to that screen is between the “accept” and “decline” options… It’s just far too difficult. If I’m lucky, I can message a person to say that I’ll reply to their trade when I get to a laptop, but it’s rather a hassle!

And yes please for gifting!


A “Star” system would be perfect! I’ve always got a few series which I’d definitely prioritize trades for, and I usually have maybe one or two which I’m less interested in.


I might have missed something, but I can’t find an easy way to see print counts for specific prints (other than finding a copy in someones collection and clicking it). It would be really helpful if they were more accessible.


Is there a “Locked” function so that you would accidentally trade the prints that you love?


If you already have a copy of a print, then it should tell you in the corner of your picture of that print (I think). That isn’t especially useful when it comes to prints you don’t have, though…

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It’d be pretty cool to have specifically categorized packs that are Creative Commons, Kopyleft, etc., so that artists who want to remix can collect pieces that they can use for said remixing.

Another cool idea would be to be able to “favorite” an artist, rather than add as friend.

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