Simple Trading Advice?

Okay forums, so hey! GreenSpleen here.

My questions for any avid traders out there is, “How do you do it?” and “How long does it take you?

I’ve had trouble looking for desired cards ever since my collection became larger and quite full. As I search for fellow Neonmob users who own duplicates that I want, the series gets lost in their inventory.

I like to trade within a series that we both have in common, so it usually takes me a while just to find that match especially when a person’s collection is as huge as mine or even bigger.

Is there a feature that makes this problem easier? The rarity filter and name bar doesn’t help since I’m occasionally not even sure if that collector has the same series as me.

Any help is appreciated. Hopefully this made sense ^^^

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You can go through their list of series when you choose the card you want to trade them and see if you share series together.

Cards were easier to collect when Neonmob was a larger community, but trades are pretty nonexistent and a lot of users are inactive now. The advice I can give you? Ask them, or guess what they want. I don’t think NM will ever invest in something that will help find trades.


Exactly! I’ve done that this whole time. It just takes FOREVER :anguished:


Trading is very time consuming :confused: There is a browser extension for Chrome called Neonmob Turbo that lets you see what sets you have in common more easily, filter sets out that have less than 10 cards, and a few other things. It isn’t 100% consistent but helps a lot!


this is a time hassle but the plugin helps ^^^

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I have tried this a few different ways but in doing so it doesn’t mean it is less time consuming - I have sometimes found cards I have duplicates of and look for seekers - then pick what i want from theirs and offer a trade - however if you are looking for something specific you may need to go through 10-20 traders just to see what it is you have you can offer them! - if you are desperate for a card you can always make the trade more valuable - say a very rare offered so you can have that rare card you are missing - etc

hope this helps!

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There is an older thread talking about trading as well. Might be interesting/helpful read.

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