Series size minimums

Firstly, i am new here, so if this is a duplicate question, please point me to the forum it was answered in.

That said, I am trying to create an amateur series with 11 cards, but it is telling me that I need 15. I have collected a pack with only 3 cards so I know it is possible but am I missing something? do I need to be pro, or are we no longer allowed to make packs of less than 15?

Thank you in advanced to anyone that can shed some light on this for me :slight_smile:

Welcome, you would be able to make a series with 3 cards, years back. It’s just not acceptable anymore, and if you look at the release date of some three card sets like “Three Robots” for example. They’re from 2016 or maybe earlier and I’m not a series creator or even a long time player so I wouldn’t quote me on this.

Welcome to NeonMob! While I personally still haven‘t created a series on NM, I do like to read FAQ sections. You can read about some requirements on publishing an amateur series in this faq below:

Why wasn’t my amateur series published?

There‘s also the Creator Handbook, though, I assume, that this is mostly geared towards creators of pro series. I hope, this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Many thanks for the warm welcomes all!

That FAQ is very helpful, thanks for the post ^o^. i submitted with 15 so here’s to hoping it goes through

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