Series Creation: How Many Chase Cards?

So I’m done with my core series and I’m starting on the Chase cards. I know the minimum is two, but I’m thinking of adding more, but I’m not sure exactly how many I should add. Is there a certain ‘sweet spot’ for the number of Chase cards in a series?

To be honest, the number of chases may be a big deal for some creators but it’s your preference :slight_smile: In my view, I think the chases are like fascinating cards that grab any collector’s attention and would open many packs. Getting chase cards is like increasing the difficulty of getting a chase card for the collector. I’m sure your series will be amazing :smiley:


not to many though I have collections withover 50 and they prove impossible to collect on a fixed income, my preference is 3-5 and a maximum of 10, enables us to stay in the game and adds some spice


I usually never care how many chase cards there are in series unless,
-there are a reasonable number to collect
-they never have any necessity to collect in a series, since they usually comprise of a pallet swap

Never oversaturate your card count with to many chases, it makes it frustrating to collect the cards then

That’s my take on the situation,
Hope this helps.

Hmm. I’d say the amount of chases in a series depends on the size. If it’s a smaller series (13 cards) then I’d say keep it at the minimum or make it so that each card has a variant in one way or another.
Though, if it’s medium then I’d say anywhere from four to eight is where my favorite spot personally. If it’s over 50 or so cards though, I’d say practically any number would work, though my favorites range anywhere from 4 to 20. Of course, it’s your choice, so do whatever you think’ll work best!