Returning to NM

I returned to NeonMob a few months ago after taking a long break after the major changes to the site, and now that I’ve returned… it’s definitely not what it used to be, at all.

I was open to accepting the changes and continuing with the site, but it’s a bare minimum of what it used to be. People used to trade so frequently, but it feels a majority of trades now are either new cards for new cards, or old cards for old cards, if people even trade at all. Old cards I would love to continue collecting are generally only hoarded now - players will keep several copies and won’t budge for any trade, old or new, regardless of the fact that they carry upwards of 5+ copies. It just reminds me that the big changes they made to cards and the site weren’t necessary, and now makes it disappointing for the players who spent so many years collecting series (even spending money on them).

If anyone is looking to trade OLDER series for other older series, feel free to hit me up for trades.

If you’re wondering why I posted it here, it’s because it’s the only place it would allow me to post it.

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Cards are like wine - the older they are, the more expensive they became.

People prefer not to trade old cards for new ones because anyone can get the latter but not the former. Some people even don’t want to trade infinite cards for limited cards because they want to trade cards only for cards with nearly the same print number.
I met a few people who are like, “I want to own every copy of this card!” - I don’t understand such people too.
And some people don’t care much about all of it and can easily trade away some old cards. But the older card, the less such people own it.

Also, we have discord. Now it’s even more active than the forum.

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From someone that has been playing since 2014 - and went through the site change, but didn’t leave.

Older cards for older cards - there are still some sets I have my eyes on that I missed that I have been able to trade for over the years, but if you try to place the value of those against newer cards it just isn’t fair (imo).

Some sets back in the day you would have to pull for a year or spend tons of $$ on in hopes of completing it - Thinking Monsturz, Tinkers, Technicolor Streets, Gumpies, etc. and users that collected those sets mostly aren’t around - so less trading partners, and no way to purchase make those cards more valuable due to their rarity in the community - so asking or holding out for equally rare items seems fair in the scheme of the game - and will happen with any set the longer it is out of print. That’s part of why people collect and keep duplicates - for trade fodder in the future - and to share sets with other users of artist they like.

I never cared about card number or hording all of a card, but when I also drop real $$ or a large amount of free packs on a set I don’t feel inclined to just trade them away to the first come first serve type scenario. I agree with the wine analogy shared in 7nik’s response.

I try to play this as fair as possible, ideally trading within sets and set types - but I do go outside of that box from time to time. When I do, I try my best to try and make it fair in terms of rarity, total print count and availability of the set/piece in general as possible.

If you are looking for trading partners @7nik is right - discord is more active and there is a dedicated trade thread. There is also a facebook group Neonmobsters that is also available.

And just a note in general - all traders are different. And you may find users that will part with older sets for something they are actively seeking elsewhere. It takes time to get to know users and see where their personal preferences lie

And last note: many older sets are coming back as replicas - so you may have a chance again to collect the art you missed out on.