Replica Series … Reference Links (updated 1/1/2023)

Missed out on an older series that’s now out of print? Add that art to your collection with Replica Series!

A replica series is an unlimited version of an out-of-print limited edition (LE) series. Replica series retain all the original artwork and rarity distributions as the original limited edition version but the cards are clearly marked with an “RE” in the top left corner to distinguish it from the original. We will release a limited amount of the very best series from the NeonMob catalogue so collectors new and old can enjoy incredible art from our talented creators.

Published 4/15/19

Our first replica series is one of our favorites :smiley: Collect the Darwin’s Secret [RE] replica series now!


Published 7/4/19

:cupid: Collect our latest replica series … Pink and Blue [RE] … amazing art available for the first time in 5 years! :cupid:


Published 10/01/19

The Orphanage returns this Halloween as a Replica series! :jack_o_lantern:

Collect all the residents of The Elsabeth Grinn Home for the Peculiar and the Unwanted once again …


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Published 1/10/2020

Fight monsters, discover treasures, and uncover mysteries in this adventurous replica series …

The Light [RE] :sparkles:


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Published 4/1/2020

Fantastical beasts from forgotten times are rediscovered in our latest replica series … collect the amazing animals of Bestial Spirits [RE] now!

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Published 7/1/2020

Collect these riveting fantasy landscapes again or for the first time in this combined replica series … Lost Realms [RE] now available!


Published 10/5/2020

Japanese mythology illuminatingly illustrated … collect the riveting rivalry of Kojiki [RE] in this combined replica release.


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Published 11/16/2020

The world’s a dangerous place … inoculate yourself :syringe: with this replica edition of Radiolaria Index from Chaotic Atmospheres.

Published 1/04/2021

Return to a land where good dreams abound in this mountainous replica edition release of As Big As Mountains from Cleonique Hilsaca :mountain_snow:


Published 2/16/2021

Separated by magic, reunited by love … collect the romantic replica Tomb of Love [RE] from Nicholas Kristian :couple_with_heart_woman_man:


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Published 4/1/2021

An underwater world of wacky characters … dive into the deep end again with the replica Oceanopolis [RE] from Chump Magic :octopus:


Published 5/15/2021

Return to a fantasy land of wondrous animals with this replica of Sherwyn’s Forest :chipmunk:



Published 7/1/2021

In this city, you need to be an animal to survive … return to the mean streets of Jungleton with our latest replica release! :lion::eagle::wolf:


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Published 8/16/2021

The unicorns are back! Don’t miss out on a single “horny” friend as you collect our latest replica series … Unicorn Empire [RE] :unicorn:


Published 10/01/2021

See the world through many emotions with the replica release Somber :pensive:


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Published 11/15/2021

Another replica of remarkable polygonial creatures … Biotop from Polygonia [RE] by Chaotic Atmospheres :spider::bug::beetle:



Published 01/01/2022

Collect this resplendent replica of adorable animals by popping a pack of Charming Creatures [RE] :owl:



Published 02/01/2022

Jump into an epic time-twisting animated adventure with the replica release Tik Tok & Time [RE] :purple_heart::heart_decoration:


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Published 3/1/2022

Get loud colors and bold designs with the replica series Technicolor Streets [RE] :loudspeaker::art: