Queue Series anyone?

OK. so another idea came to mind where I … well actually it just randomly came to me.
would the about to set 2-3 series to queue up auto-opened free packs sound nice? I feel like the power of the free pack dwindles when you are not available to open them and since they are tied to 1 per hour with a max of 6, maybe being able to set specific series to auto open during those work (or sleep) hours would help.

I’m thinking
-A max of 8 hours a day can be queued for 2-3 series (or 1 pack for 8 series, defined in a drop down menu with criteria heading “how many” for each series you select)
-You can also arrange each series on a line in order to determine queue order.
-The ability to edited queue at any time, dragging and dropping series on or off queue timeline.
-The ability to pause or cancel queue. paused queues keeping track of the number of hours left in the day. will replenish queue time at reset. Remaining queue will persist and can be edited later. Queue will be paused after reset.

I know its a big and weird idea, but it made me excited to think about it so I wanted to share it. Thank you for reading

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Are you suggesting a “set it and forget it” feature? I think something like this would severely detract from the community experience we are trying to build so probably wouldn’t be considered. But you can try and convince us :slight_smile:

Joe @ NeonMob


a “set it an forget it” feature could be useful with these rules.

  1. It’s automatically set so it’s something like 11PM -6AM (Times when most people sleep.)
  2. You need to find out a way so that the set it and forget it feature can’t be manipulated by fake time zones
  3. You choose whatever packs you want to open in this time!

With these rules, this would barely, if at all, detract from the community experience.
Plus, have you forgotten on of the best ways to get missing chases - Trading? So, there ya have it.

If we were to implement something like this, it would be very restricted I agree. - Joe @ NeonMob

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Any sort of input is exciting. If theres anything that can evolve the idea while limiting the advantage so that it isn’t too much, do share. I myself don’t know too much about coding and implementing things so the most I can do is throw out some crazy things on my mind.

This idea came with sleep and work on my mind. As I have no job I have been battling my hectic sleeping schedule to sort of define how many times I would get on Neommob a day, how many series I should work on, and which takes priority based on out of print times and such lol. Its always horrible to find out I fell asleep with my packs full and missed the reset

If there would be a way to implement this feature, what would be the most practical way to do so, and what would the limits be?

The only way cards in the game gain trade value is limited availability: card counts, time limits, cards per pack, packs per day, and the idea behind it is that you can’t collect all, you have to choose carefully and frequently. Or invest, put real money on the game. If I don’t have to be here to open my packs, Where the commitment for my collection begins?


Now this is both a reply to you and a variation of my previous comment.
People generally sleep 7-9,10 hours. If you get ~4 free hours in their day where free packs are auto- claimed, you can still have same commitment needed. And 7 hours is too much auto claiming(My previous comment will not be altered, however.) And since the time zone thing would be very hard/near impossible to do, 4 hours would still be not enough to cheat. If people put there auto-claimers in the day, they would lose packs in the night. So 3-4 hours.
But Vagrantscout is right in saying

Although I am still quite new to the game (30 days says my streak, yeah, commitment I can…), I can see some benefits for active players regarding such an option, but also the danger of not active players (or the “shy” onces, the solitudes, and probably some evil souls) gathering (extra) cards which will never be available to the community… so I rather tend not having such an option.

Besides that: don’t you ever get awake for a pee at night? :wink:

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One answer and one fix.
“Shy player”: This auto-collect thing will be turned off after a few days.2-3? Of course there is no way to 100% avoid these “evil souls” as you call them, but that could help, especially in the case of inactive users.

Umm… No. The last time I woke up in the middle of the night(for longer than like 30 seconds) was when I put a mosquito band on my arm and left it on. I got a rash and holy moly it hurt. I woke up screaming and now this have a noticable mark after 3(or 4) years. Idk how I fell asleep after that one.
But stay hydrated, people! And pee before going to bed!

I like this idea. 4 queued packs per day must be more than enough.
What about instead of opening at a certain period of time do it when you get full packs and offline? And they can be disposable, so you will have to queue the packs every day.

I’ll be honest, for some reason my body doesn’t alert me as well in recent years. I end up tossing and turning until it’s unbearable or I’ll just sleep through and wake up alarmed and ready to tackle the restroom. It isn’t an every night thing but I’m still a young man so it worries me about the long term effects y’know? I feel like if this keeps up, my body won’t be able to hold out by the time I’m 50 and we’re traveling in space >.>

I try, I really do :rofl:

I was actually trying to think of a way to make it so that it requires you to visit more often to manage the queue and do trades. Maybe a trade limit before daily access for queue too.
I’d be grateful for even 3 packs to 1 series.
It could be good either way should it be greenlit and worked on

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That’s a great idea; you have my like of support!

With a 6 free pack limit, most people miss at least 2 free packs per day. Also people work for 8 hours and if you don’t have wifi at work for your phone and are not allowed to open Neonmob on your work computer, you can open Neonmob on your phone if you have a fast phone and 40-60 MB of data to spare (unless it’s fixed already). So that’s 2 more free packs wasted if the bandwidth and the loading time isn’t worth it. An 8 hour free pack limit would be nice to prevent losing packs

Maybe a premium subscription can be created that gets you free packs double as fast and allows you to store an unlimited amount of free packs. $10 per month maybe. It may seem expensive, but compare that to buying packs equal to your free packs and nobody will buy packs anymore because this would be cheaper. Free packs are much worse than paid packs, but 720 free packs (30*24) give more chases than 10 diamond packs for $10. :stuck_out_tongue: A much larger monthly price is too expensive for many people. A month of 1 Ruby pack per hour costs around $300 and a month of 1 Diamond pack per hour costs around $500.

We don’t need more options for paying money, it makes it much harder for children who don’t have access to that.
However, a lot of children could pay for some one time thing that makes the free pack counter go to, say, 10.

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While I agree a subscription plan may be the way to go to have a storage of a certain amount of free packs (so people don’t forget to visit completely). The auto pull feature is not a great idea as people will not really care what packs/cards are pulled - and tbh - you start becoming disinterested in pulling because it does the work for you so little by little you just forget to log in and pull the packs so people will want to extend those times - say they are on vacation etc etc. While I agree I am not big on spending money I don’t have - it at least provides an option - maybe there could be levels in the amount $5 - up to 150 free packs - $10 up to 300 $20 unlimited for the month

This is also incorrect because we are across the globe so this time frame would then have to be adjusted “per person” so creates a lot more work. I feel like a storage is the best use of this.

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Yes, vacation is annoying. I missed ~ 2 weeks of free packs last time. But I really don’t mind the slow progress rate.
But the subscription thing would detract from the community experience, and Vagrantscout and the rest of the team don’t want that.

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I guess I am confused on how a subscription for having free pack storage would take away from community? You would still actively have to use and pull the packs and be involved in the site. But honestly it is rare I don’t use most/all of my free packs - it is the auto pulls I see taking away from community

Auto pulls - Could be done only in the night, and only like 3 of them.
Subscription - You could be gone for a week, pick up all of your free packs, and come back again in a week.

With Subscriptions, you wouldn’t. Of course with your

it would detract. However a small, but permanent (Say, 8 free packs max) subscription would not detract. Besides, why does it need to be a subscription? Too many transactions, and I don’t like constantly paying for this one thing when I could get it forever.

Wow this is the most active thread I have ever been involved with

I feel like this is a great suggestion on it’s own. I’m as free as a free player gets, but I LOVE it when a FTP application or game offers a really great deal, especially considering the pricing of some things… ( On fortnite, most of the skins run you 15 or 20 dollars per skin. Just 7 years ago the average amount of skins you could get as DLC for your games on PSN usually costed only like, 2 bucks.)

so increasing your free pack limit permanently for a one time paid offer for maybe about 10 bucks. I’d push Neonmob on all my family members until I couldn’t breathe. Or them. whoever falls first.

The best part about it is NM could do a percentage of all subs (5 cents on the dollar for example) to go to the creators or something. Imagine that. a little cream on the top maybe?

I’m confused by your comment. In one part of it you say

And in another part you mention subs

So… Which is it(can you clarify)