Question about voting

Can a series that gets approved via voting be published as an amateur series?
I ask because I noticed that the series Rainbow Diamonds is an amateur series even after being approved on the pro series voting section.
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I was just wondering if this is a normal occurrence or not as I haven’t seen anything about this in the creator handbook or on the submissions page.

Short answer: yes.

A series that has been uploaded and approved as a pro submission can be reassigned as amateur once the team has a chance to review the entire series as a whole. The team realizes that the community may want to collect this series and it looks fun but the content, quality, and creativity of the submission doesn’t meet our expectations of a pro release. Conversely, an amateur series that is exceptionally good can be promoted to pro based on the discretion of the NeonMob team. Our goal is to allow creators to share their art but to ensure that pro releases on our platform showcase higher quality, more creative submissions. As our standards evolve and become more discerning, you may see more pro submissions reassigned as amateur once the full series has been uploaded for review. However, we hope to work directly with artists to circumvent these situations whenever possible.

Joe @ NeonMob