Pro upgrade is it worth it to you please ezpplwin

For those of you that have upgraded to the pro membership, do you consider it worth it? And why or why not?

TL;DR: Yes. And it is “addicting”.

I am gonna be honest: The day I started Pro, my intention was just to do this a few months in a year, when I see that I have some big series close to finish. Well, what should I say, I didn’t cancel my Pro ever since…

I do love the “pro packs”, as they do have better odds than the “normal” free packs.

Also, if you working on a continuing streak, being Pro have your back, should you ever miss out. (that might not be very valuable at the beginning, but having a streak of 1640 days, it is good to know that I would only loose 10 “days” from that streak if I would miss a day.

You have double carats rewards on everything (completing the rarities, completing a series) and the more cards a series has, the better that rewarding is. The pomological collection 1 and 2 are a must to at least finish while being pro.

And the best thing probably is, that you can “bank” 12 free packs (where as no Pro it is just 6 free packs). That means, you can sleep without loosing any of the hourly free pack (*)).

Of course, it depends on how many series you want to collect. When you start playing Neonmob, there are tons of series you probably want to collect and at that time, Pro is certainly helping. At some point you might become picky of what to collect, and then you have to decide the value of Pro in regard of what you want to collect. Still, in overall, and with new series coming out every day, I think I will never give up my Pro-Status, be it alone to feel save not to drop down to 0 in my streak (it is, after all, the days I have been playing Neonmob).

You can try out being Pro, as you can cancel your subscription every single month. But be warned: it will be addictive. Once you’re used to it, especially the 12 cards “banking”, it’s hard to give up your Pro status… :wink:

(*) it is always a good idea - Pro or not - to make Neonmob your daily medition routine. Open your free packs before going to sleep. Open your free packs after you get up in the morning. :slight_smile:


Okay and one last thing, you’re not affiliated with the game developer are you? I’m just kidding. You pretty much sold me on it. Of course I have little self-control but I’m free version enough?

Do people get irritated if they get random friend requests on there or random trades? I guess that’s what the bio is for

I think Wyando pretty much said it all. Once you have got used to having 12 free packs before maxing out instead of the usual 6 packs and access to the Pro freebie pack that gives better pull odds, you don’t want to go back to normal without Pro. I’m sure anyone who has the Pro subscription would agree.

Also there is not actually friend requests. Users can just simply add other users to their friend list for their own reference, there is no accepting or declining friend requests.

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Oh okay, thank you bobsbitsandbobs

Now I can Google this but what is a Chase card

There are also variant cards and legendary cards. Legendary cards are the most rare cards and only the NeonMob staff decides, if a series can have one or more legendary cards.

Here‘s the link to the NM help center on chase and variants:

I assure you, I am not.
Just a happy collector.

Like Wyando, I was only going to subscribe for a month or two. That month or two has turned into 2 years. :joy::joy: The pro packs for each drop is worth the subscription alone, but being able to hold 12 packs instead of 6 - BONUS! In addition, I know my monthly-subscription fee is supporting a great collecting app and community, which in turn, showcases beautiful, unique artwork.

Ha ha, it looks like others have already said anything I was going to say, but in greater detail. I’ve been a Pro member for almost 2 years now I think. In my opinion, the price is extremely low for what you get. If you plan to be here for awhile, I definitely recommend it. If you like completing sets, I definitely recommend it. If you like getting the rarer cards more often, I definitely recommend it. If you care about your daily streak, it offers a bit of insurance on that. I abandoned all other trading card apps when I found NeonMob. The Pro subscription here is FAR less than what I was paying to collect cards “elsewhere”.

I know there are plenty of replies to this already. But I would say that if you don’t play as much as most of these players, then don’t go Pro. I guess I thought I’d be getting more for the price. I do like the extra packs, but honestly not seeing much of a difference than before I went Pro. I’m aware others are saying they see all of these benefits, I’m not one of those :smiley:. Again, I don’t use this as much as the hardcore collectors. I was f2p for about 5 months before I went Pro. If you plan on collecting a ton of sets…. Then I would suggest it. If it’s something you only open once a day, then stay f2p. This isn’t hating on Pro, I’m just giving my honest opinion. Whether you’re f2p or a Pro member, it’s still a great app that showcases true creativity.