Photography Series?

I feel like the selection of new series centered around Photography has really dropped off. In the past, there used be a series every now and then… but not so much now.

Was there a change to submission rules to not permit them? Or maybe I’m just missing them?

I even tried to search for series around photography and there is no longer a category to find them… (… and I believe there WAS one in the past).


Yes, photography series are no longer accepted through community submission and are only contracted from approved artists. We did this in order to focus more on items that utilize photography as one element in a larger artistic piece and include other graphic design or other manipulative effects. Since photographers have many other platforms on which to share their captured moments, we wanted to reinforce that NeonMob is better suited to highlighting an artist’s drawn works as opposed to snapped ones.

Joe @ NeonMob

That makes sense. Thanks for the info!

I’ve only been on the platform for a short time to find out, however, the other day I saw a series that were photographs, very manipulated, they were like a mix of photography with illustration.

Yes, these series are typically contracted or approved prior to voting submissions being approved. - Joe @ NeonMob