Percentages listed on pack screen (Question and Suggestion)

I guess it’s a new update.
These percentages obviously don’t add to 100%. Are they the percentages of getting at least one card of the rarity listed?

The packs in this image have a 100% for some rarities. This wouldn’t seem possible if it was some kind of drop rate unless the pack actually guarantees a card from each tier. Also, I can’t tell which of the three packs in the image are actually better, since the percentages are capped at 100%. (or is there a way to tell?)

EDIT: I dug up a pack with only 1 card.

The 3 card pack has all of the percentages multiplied by 3, which seems to imply that the pack has no drop rate bonuses and the percentages are showing the chance of getting at least 1 card of that rarity. But, the chance of getting at least one common (chance 47.3% 3 times) does NOT equal 100%. It’s 1-(1-.473)^3, or 85%. In fact, the other percentages are the same way.

I therefore suggest that the people who manage this change the percentages to be more clear (you could maybe say the expected number of cards of a certain rarity, as a rational number.)

Yes, new update. Percentage of getting at least one card of that particular rarity. - Joe @ NeonMob

Well, either the way the site handles drop rates makes them change weirdly depending on how many cards you draw, or the percentages listed are wrong.

The way the percentages seem to work is that a common with 50% drop chance in a 2 card pack would have a supposed percentage of 100%. It’s not guaranteed to drop!

The numbers are still wrong, or there’s a bug. I opened a pack that listed a 100% chance of an extra rare, but didn’t get one. (Specifically, a Best pack of Queens & Villains.)

The numbers do need a little tweaking and we are working on it; hoping to have an update within a week to 10 days. - Joe @ NeonMob

We did update the percentages this morning to be more clear and intuitive, hopefully that does help a bit to alleviate confusion. The update is global and all users see the same thing. - Joe @ NeonMob