Paid packs - limited cards

When I started to play about 14 days ago, I was happy to open the free packs during the day to get cards for different series (and yes, I also found out about the redeeming cards too :D)
I had seen that with credits you could by some cards (and having better odds) but well, I was happy with what I could get for free.
Then Friday 13th happened. 2 interesting series, each 3 free packs and only a day to run. As I was hooked on one of them, well, I got my first credits and completed that series. Yeah.
In the mean time, I found that series The Blood is the Life. Paid packs only. 26500 packs left. Oookayy. A must have series and… at the same time, I defined a limit-rule for my self: one paid pack a day, on sundays 2 :wink: Which means, if I need better odds for a specific series, I have to decide which series I will use my paid pack for…
Meanwhile we are at 13500 packs for the Blood is the Life (or even less) and yesterday I got lucky and got that chase card for that series: #300 of 300.

Which makes me wonder:

  • does this mean that for the rest of the existing (paid) packs there are no more chase cards to get?
  • if so, could this also be, that there doesn’t exist any for example “very rares” anymore - no matter how many packs I will open?
  • if so, is there a way to see how many cards are left for each rarity?
    I hope I could clearly express my self for what I mean.
    In fact it comes to this (paid or not paid): is it possible, that at some point of existing packs you are not able to get all cards anymore because the existing ones are already distributed? (And thus you MUST find a trader to complete your series).
    cheers, Wy

With the old series the card number was random. Any pack could contain card #1 or card #300. For specific cards you can look at the trade window to get an idea of how many people own that card and use that information to determine how many are still unopened, but I’m not aware of a specific interface that will tell you how many of each rarity are left for a set.