Old series back in circulation forever?

Hello! I was wondering if I missed an announcement of some kind regarding some old limited series having suddenly become unlimited. For example, Portrait, released in 2017, is now in print until 2099 – same thing with some other popular and pretty old series like Lithium Flowers, Mr. Ull’s Bonsai Collection, etc.

Basically, is this a permanent thing (meaning that the cards now have the low value of any other unlimited series), or is it a temporary bonus to take advantage of? :slight_smile:

We didn’t make a community-wide announcement on this new feature yet as we wanted players to discover this organically first. These “Infinite Edition” releases ensure that all collectors, even newer players, have access to our most popular series. The series currently in the “Infinite Edition” category will remain open for collection forever; new series will be added periodically, but a series would first need to be out of print for at least a year before being reopened as “Infinite Edition” and only select series will be reopened (this is NOT for every release for all time).

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For my 2 cents, this is a terrible idea. At least for collectors. If you’re trying to get more exposure for the artists then I can’t argue. But from a collecting standpoint, this is absolutely awful. I’ve spent years building up my collection and gathering duplicates for trading. But now those same cards which one month ago would’ve fetched me other some older sold-out/hard-to-obtain cards, are now getting me trade offers of commons from new sets still available in packs for another 5 months. I can only imagine how even more frustrating it must be for those people who had spent money on premium pack purchases to build up their collections over the years as well.


I’m inclined to agree with this point. It is nice that some series are becoming more available, but I feel like making them unlimited forever may not be the best choice - maybe a month’s limited re-release that repeats every now and then would have been preferable, since then perhaps it would have inspired people to spend more currency on the packs too. But now nobody has any hurry to finish those series (it would even be counter-productive to favor them over regular series that will go out of print after half a year), and the previously-valuable cards are now in the lowest tier of value. Some people might even be planning to wait and hope for current series to become reopened after a couple years. I am glad to be able to finish some older series that were left incomplete before, and I too encourage helping out artists, but I just think the method used is not the most efficient or desirable.

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Not only is this a bad idea, but it could also be considered fraudulent. Those packs were sold with a promise that they were limited, by making them unlimited now, you are violating the terms as advertised. It’s a slam dunk of a class action suit if someone wants to take it up.

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just a note, all the sets that are now infinite were originally released as unlimited sets that closed after their six month original release. There was no promise to total prints available for these and final totals were determined by how actively the community collected them. But I do understand what you mean as far as a limited amount of time available for these.

We reserve the right to relaunch or reuse any art shared on the platform in any way at any time; it’s all in the Terms of Service.

Hi Joe,

out of curiosity: will the artists (creators) receive any additional money of packs bought with credits, when a series is published again as a replica series? Or can the creators only earn money during the first publication of a series?

Yes, all these re-opened unlimited edition series are set at the standard royalty rate and artists receive their royalties from credit packs of these series like normal. - Joe @ NeonMob

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Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

And I didn’t find that in the Terms of Service after an admittedly quick search. Any chance you could point me to that section? A search for “relaunch” and “reuse” turned up nothing and the search for “reserve” didn’t find any uses related to this topic, so I must not be looking for the right terminology.

Creator Terms under the Licenses section:


Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you retain all ownership rights, including without limitation copyright and moral rights, to your Art that you upload or post on or through the Services.

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you hereby grant to NeonMob a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, sub-licensable right and license to use, reproduce, distribute, display, publish, exhibit, sell, transmit, and otherwise exploit the Art that you upload or post on or through the Services in all forms of media and forms of exploitation, digital or otherwise, now known or hereafter created in any manner and in connection with Services, and to use the Art in promotional and advertising materials.

That is not the user Terms of Service. It is the licensing terms under which you acquire the rights to sell the art, it is not the terms under which you dealt with the site users.

Semantics … terms are terms, licensing or otherwise. You use the service, you agree to these rules.

I really, really don’t like this… We already have Replica series to let new users collect some of the beatiful art from old closed sets. What’s the value of a card that can be aquired at any time for the next 100 years? Pretty much none, why trade for it when you can keep trying to pull it for free. And it sets a precedent.
Will there be a “Collector’s edition” sets, that are guaranteed to never be re-released? Like many collectors, I like the idea of getting a rare item (yes, even a digital image that essentialy doesn’t mean anything), but I see now that value can be taken away at any time.

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