New Pack Tier Options Now Available

NeonMob is now offering new, revolving pack tier options for free, point, and paid packs. These new packs will give collectors more options for increasing their collection, redeeming points, and utilizing credits. Although there will always be free, point, and paid pack options from which collectors can choose to open, the details in the these pack options will periodically change.

For example, we can run a limited-time two week promotion rewarding collectors with enhanced free packs containing three cards instead of the normal two cards. We could offer a one-time-use pack for 250,000 points with two guaranteed chase cards. We could even create a high-credit paid pack that would net you a bunch of high value cards in one pull. The options are endless! Intrigued? Here are some additional details:

  • At least one free pack option will always be an available to collectors, but the details of the free packs will change to offer different incentives or rewards for collecting.
  • We plan to offer a variety of choices for both point and paid packs to provide collectors with strategic options for completing series, achieving milestones, or other collecting goals.
  • Many of these new pack options will only be available for a limited time as we will change our pack offerings regularly to keep collectors engaged.

You can see new pack options for NeonMob series right now. Have questions? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


Joe @ NeonMob