New Milestones Update

We launched an update today to make Milestones even better! Check out the new artwork as well as dozens of new Milestones to strive for in your collecting adventure. From the homepage, just click on the Milestones link underneath your trader grade to see all the changes!

Just a heads up that full leaderboards is the next thing we will be working on … might take a little time cuz we want to get it right, but something awesome to look forward to :slight_smile:


Joe @ NeonMob

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About that 100000 one,

The average free pack contains 2.142857 cards.

You can open 27 packs a day.


It takes 3240 days to get that.

Umm… what?

It just takes time, trading, and not discarding to get to those higher card counts @sima.seal4!


100000/(27*2.142857) = 1728 days = 4.74 years.
Also, don’t foget about paid packs.
For example, Nick Barrett has 54.8K cards. And seems I saw somebody with even more cards but I can’t remember.


Should the Beginner special milestone have an old icon?
Also, I confused with the fact that on the pack page round, square, triangle and so on silhouettes become hexagonal icons :woozy_face:
And I’m waiting for CSS fixes on a user profile page.

But anyway, new milestones are awesome! :smiley:

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Thanks for the new milestones! Like the new simple design style as well!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I do like them too, and I was sure surprised to know how many series I was in the top 10 for completing!

Oh oops I accidentally did /1.142857 instead of 2.142857. But 4.84 years? With optimal times every single day?

And paid packs - some people like to not use those.

Love those new milestones.
Funny thing: I have one out-of-print-series completed in 15min (core only of course), due a nice person who trade me that complete series for card she needed :slight_smile:

Question: are the carats you get for finishing a series depending on how fast you finished a series?

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Question: are the carats you get for finishing a series depending on how fast you finished a series?

No, carats for series milestones are determined by number of cards and the difficulty rating of the series.

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I had the impression the bonus were bigger if you finish faster.

I’m guessing the hardest to get are the ones for 10k trades and 5k chases. For reference, I’ve been here 4+ years and I don’t have 1000 chases.

I’m also surprised in how many sets I’m first. Fastest 01 second.


love the new milestones! thank you:). will we ever see full set ranks inluding chases and variants?

I don’t have 1K chases yet, but I do have the variants. I would think that these 100 legendary would be hard too! I’ve been here since August 2014, and I have purchased more than a pack or two in my time so my prints are up there as well. Even before the milestones I was working to surpass the legendary Eric Reynolds with is 99K super collection! Wish he was as active as he was back in the day!

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Apparently I completed a couple of sets in negative one years and eight months (-1Y 8M) :thinking:
Not sure how I pulled that off…

It’s a really fun way to view the collection and reminisce about some of the older sets. I thought it was interesting to see that there were 25 sets that took me more than a year to complete, and that on two of those sets I was also the first one to finish them!

I like the look of the new update. It’s a nice, clean aesthetic. :slight_smile:

I like that there are some new total card collection milestones because I have almost 50k cards and I used to have all possible milestones already. Now there are new milestones to collect. I just got a lot of already completed milestones instantly. :grinning:

Are the extremely rare, chase, variant and legendary milestones for unique cards? I think the extremely rare Wanderer milestone needs to say 2.5k extremely rares.

Side note: there is a typing mistake in description of “Expanding collection”.

@lonelee … can you PM me with the exact location of that spelling error so I can get it fixed … thanks!

Joe @ NeonMob has 98,996…

Question! (sorry if it’s obvious or has been addressed already)
Do the new Series milestones let us complete the core series separate from the Chase/Variants? As in, if I have the milestone for the core cards, I can get rid of them and not have to keep them while I hunt down the Chases/Variants and I won’t miss out on a milestone? The old way I believe we needed to complete the whole entire series with all chases and variants in order to get a Full Series badge. But the new way is different?
If this is worded confusingly I apologize, it’s late and my brain is running out of… brain. Lol.

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