New Creator Features = Even More Options!

New series options will provide NeonMob creators even more flexibility in creating the perfect set of cards. From the return of variants to an all-new rarity level, these new features will be available to creators very soon!

Replica Series: A replica series is an unlimited version of an out-of-print limited edition (LE) series. The replica series will retain all the original artwork and rarity distributions as the original limited version, and will clearly be marked replica to distinguish between the two. Artists can request an older series be replicated, but the NeonMob team will have the final call on which series are published.

Admin Rarity Override: The NeonMob team will now override the rarity ratio mechanism in the creator panel to give your series more balance or to offer fans different collecting challenges. Have the same number of cards per rarity, double down on uncommon, or offer a bit more of a challenge with extra rare cards. You can’t go overboard, and the minimum series requirement of 15 cards remains the same, but you can get creative with our help.

Variants Revived: Yes, you read that correctly … variants are back! The variant rarity will be available as a selection for any new series. Variants are intended to be a true variant of another card in the series that has been modified from its original presentation (variation in background color or a work-in-progress sketch, for example). The chase rarity will still be available for original art and other special cards. Variants will be a big part of new series, design wisely!

Legendary Rarity: We are introducing a new rarity so much more rare than chase they’re … Legendary! These cards will be extremely difficult to collect and will add a new dimension to your collecting strategy. This rarity level cannot be selected by creators and will be awarded by the NeonMob team to truly exceptional cards. Look for Legendary cards very soon!

We are always looking to optimize creator series and offer creators more options in structuring the series the publish. We will release more new features throughout the next year. Happy creating!


Variants revived: Yay!

Legendary: earlier I would not be on board with this, but with the admin rarity override thing making things FAIR, cough cough several series I could mention cough cough, I’m totally on board!

Replica series: although the new cards aren’t as valuable I definitely want some of dem old prints.

Replica Series: It will for sure depend on how this will be introduced. The clearly marking of “replica” is something which could devalue such a series be default (and possible devalue the art of it too).

I’ld rather would love to see something like “2nd Edition” (and opens the door for 3rd, 4th, ect in the long run), which in my opinion don’t devaluate the serie per se. Of course a 1st Edition will be more valuable that a 2nd Edition, but then again, collection a 2nd edition seems (to me) more valuable than a “replica series” (again, it depends on how those cards will be shown).
Also, some may be interested collection all editions :wink:

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More interesting is which series will be available as replica. Time will tell. Really would love to have some old series otherwise unobtainable for newer collectors because of rarity. Name of the series is irrelevant - I like the art not the name😬.

Cool! I’m liking these new feature plans! :slight_smile:

I already have a hell of a time getting all the Chase cards for a set, ya’ll want to make things even HARDER?

Duplicates of series sounds nice, but I’m with Wyando. Might wanna call them something that doesn’t devalue the set. ‘Duplicate cards’ sounds a little cheap.


agreed - I’m hoping these ‘legendary’ cards don’t turn into bottlenecks so that only a few people can complete each set. We had that, for example, in Galaxelle with the Ultimalevi chase card - only 10 people can ever complete that set, even though there are hundreds of each of the other chases.


Just a bit of clarification:
@wyando - We discussed multiple editions, but in practice, most collectors only value the initial run more highly than any future edition, regardless if it’s edition 2, 3, or 7. So we decided to simplify things by first releasing a limited edition and then possibly releasing an unlimited version as a replica series.

Some early limited editions we plan to release as replicas are extremely rare. The decision to mark the unlimited version as a replica is to preserve the value of the original limited edition series by creating a distinct differentiator.

Also, it’s important to us that when trading, replicas are easily distinguishable, so one doesn’t accidentally give away one of their prized possessions.

@lonelee - Replica series will be carefully considered. There are a number of older limited editions that many new collectors would love to have. One thing we don’t want to do is flood the market with replica editions and cannibalize collecting art from new artists, so expect very few created per month.

I’ll ask @vagrantscout to start a ‘Replica Wish List’ thread in here, so everyone can post series they would like to have the opportunity to collect.

@varactyls - Legendaries will only be released in a few unlimited series at first while we monitor the odds.


Could it be possible to show some examples of how those “replica’s” will look like against the original series?
I understand that there is need for a distinct differentiator, but I am still afraid this will go on the cost of the art itself… which would result (for me) that I would pass on collecting replica’s (and for sure not using any paid packs on them).

(It’s already hard to use paid packs on some older series without knowing if that last card I am missing is still possible to get.)

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The art will be identical. A watermark will appear in the upper right corner of the print. The watermark is part of a separate layer like the rarity gem and duplicate count as shown in the image below.


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Thanks for showing. This indeed is a decent solution to present the replicas.


Do you think you could tell us when the first legendaries are released and in what series, so we could look at them? I would like to know what series it’s in, so I could try to get it. Also, will the legendary cards have like 10 copies or what? (Or if it’s in an unlimited series, would the chances be something like 1 in 200 packs?)


Yes we will do that … look for the first series featuring a Legendary card to be released in January or February. This series has not yet been announced. These cards will have odds closer to 1 in 500 in unlimited edition series. - Joe @ NeonMob

1 in 500?


That’s literally impossible unless you get paid packs. These better not be in series that are around for a limited time. This will make series virtually impossible to complete.

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Legendary cards are going to be just that … LEGENDARY! I wouldn’t say virtually impossible to collect, but finding one in a pack should be very difficult.

Doubtful that a Legendary card will ever be included in a series that is available for less than 3 months.

Will we have to collect the legendary cards to get the full series milestones, or will it just be like a bonus card?

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Edit: Legendary cards to complete full series milestone is up in the air … we are still discussing the different possibilities.

Well, 3 months have 91-92 days which mean 273-276 opportunities to get a 1 in 500 card. For 91 days: 42.1053% to get it and for 92 days: 42.4521%, roughly 2 in 5 people! This was calculated with

2 in 5 people who opened 3 packs for a series every day for 3 months.

Seems an eensy weensy bit like those series are gonna be Pay2Win.

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Your calculations do not take into account a number of factors that we have programmed into our algorithm so it is not accurate. 1 in 500 packs is a difficult benchmark - which is intended. To put the 1 in 500 packs number in context, let me use as an example a series that has been active for ~ 4 months (I will not attach the series name for confidentiality). Collectors of this unlimited series have opened nearly 150k free packs and 6k point packs in about 4 months. If a Legendary card was part of this series, there would be ~300 cards in circulation at the moment with the series still having 2 months before being discontinued. Extrapolating from these numbers, a popular series would have ~450-500 Legendary cards in circulation by the end of the series run. Legendary cards are designed to be difficult to obtain but it will not be impossible for F2P collectors to obtain these cards both by opening free packs, points packs, and trading.

With Legendary cards being released, new pack tiers will also be made available to help collectors in their search for these hard to find cards. Along with credit packs, we will introduce new point pack tiers that will provide better odds in uncovering a Legendary card. Point packs will also rotate and offer different rewards for dedicated collectors that complete series milestones and continue to gain points. There will be plenty of opportunities for collectors to obtain a Legendary card without having to invest in credits.

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Nobody will want to trade a legendary card, not even for 5 chases. And nobody will trade a legendary for a legendary, because no one will have 2 of a legendary. And basically no one will have even 1 of a legendary without collecting the series.

450-500? That’s… very low. Especially since there are thousands of users of this website.

Now you’re talking. New pack tiers? Let’s hope this turns out well, because I know for SURE I don’t spend my points on normal packs. I only spend them when there’s some special pack tiers, like Elite.

Sorry if I’m coming off a little aggressive, I’m just really worried about this feature. I don’t want this website to turn into hell.