NeonMob Content Standards for Publication (Updated August 2019)

We’re excited that you’d like to share your art with the NeonMob Community. Just keep in mind the following content standards to ensure that your series can be published once submitted.


  • NeonMob is an 13+ platform. All artwork submitted for publication must adhere to this standard and be appropriate for collectors aged 13 and older.

  • Images cannot be pornographic, overtly sexual, graphically violent, or similarly offensive. Series submissions that are not appropriate for publication on NeonMob will be removed.

  • All artwork uploaded to NeonMob must be wholly owned by you. Uploading another artist’s work as your own is copyright infringement and is against the law. Submitted series that infringe upon established copyrights will be removed. More on our copyright policy here.

  • Only original concepts and creations will be accepted for publication. Fan art of licensed characters or concepts cannot be published on NeonMob and will be removed. For additional guidance, please read our policy on adaptations, fan art, and fair use.

  • Unless otherwise specified, content published on NeonMob is non-exclusive and creators retain the right to distribute their art on other platforms.


  • Artwork submitted for publication must be original, creative, polished, and high-quality. Here are some examples of series submissions that may not meet our quality standards:

    • Personal photography series that do not utilize advanced photography skills or showcase their photos/content in an engaging way. Photography series should focus on the art of photography and feature extremely high quality work, digital manipulations, custom filters, and/or show a unique perspective of the world. (Unless otherwise contracted from NeonMob, all photography series will now be released only as amateur regardless of whether it was submitted as a pro series.)

    • Basic design skins or duplicate cards of the same simple design differentiated only by one factor (i.e. color, filter, etc.). In other words, all the cards in the series are the same outline with one minimal change.

    • Series extensively utilizing auto-generating image manipulation tools (examples include but are not limited to: Weavesilk, Drawastickman, Frax, Deepart, etc.).

    • Doodles, extremely rough sketches, traced outlines, notebook entries, digital works-in-progress, and other incomplete or lower quality images. (These are OK for variants.)

  • Please ensure that all images are submitted in the best possible quality as we cannot publish blurry or otherwise obscured images. Scanning sketch images or other smaller hand draw works is far superior to submitting a picture from your phone. If no scanner is available, please ensure you take a steady picture at the highest possible quality. When submitting photography series, please be mindful of lighting, contrast, and other aspects to ensure the best quality possible. Save digital files at the highest possible resolution while still ensuring that the file size is less than 30mb.

  • Do not include digital signatures, social handles, or similar identifiers on card or cover image artwork. Please utilize the series & card description sections to include this type of information so it doesn’t distract from the art you are sharing.

  • Pro series submissions that do not meet our internal quality standards may be reassigned as amateur. We realize that the community may want to collect a series with a high number of votes, but the content, quality, and creativity of the submission must still meet our expectations of a pro release in order to be published as pro. In reassigning a pro submission as amateur, our goal is to allow creators to share their art while ensuring that pro releases on our platform continue to showcase higher quality, more creative submissions.


  • Complete titles and descriptions are required for series publication: your series title must be unique to NeonMob and less than 35 characters; each card title in your series must be unique; series and card descriptions should be at least 1 short sentence each. Please note that series submitted with incomplete fields will be returned for revision.

  • The variant rarity can only be used to designate a true variation of an existing core card in the same series. In other words, the underlying art of a variant must be identical to another card in the same series but feature a different presentation such as black & white, different color pattern, rough sketch of a final piece, etc. Cards labeled variant that do not meet this definition will be reassigned as a core rarity.

  • NeonMob will make the final determination on series presentation based on internal metrics and engagement projections. Card rarities and final rarity distribution may be amended by the NeonMob team prior to publication to optimize the series for collection. If you have specifically designed your series with a particular distribution in mind, please contact upon series submission to give us a heads up.

NeonMob is the sole arbiter of all content published on our platform and reserves the right to remove submitted content for any reason.

Reference our Creator Handbook for links and guidelines in designing your series of original art. We also provide tips on how to be a successful creator and promote your works in our Creator Success section. If you would like more clarification or guidance on our policies regarding a possible series submission, please email the team at and we will be happy to help.

Thanks for being a NeonMob creator!