Looking for trading browser extension

Until yesterday I had a browser extension in Chrome that helped me to find trades, but I had to reinstall Chrome because I couldn’t open the browser anymore. The tool was not Neonmob Enhancer, but does anyone know which extension this was?

This is what I did with this extension: I opened a Your Cards page on Neonmob in Chrome and clicked on the extension, then I selected card that I wanted to give and after that the card that I wanted to receive. Then the extension started looking for users who had a duplicate of the item I needed and needed the item I wanted to offer. The tool was only able to look within the same set.

Example: I opened the Your Cards of the Mewkin series and opened the extension, I selected my duplicate The Lady, selected the missing card Angelina and let the extension search for matches. The extension started running and found for example 400 receivers and 370 sellers and created a list with users that are both on the Sell and Receive lists, together with the number of duplicates and Trading Grade of those users.

Who knows which extension this is and where I can find it. It installed it less than a month ago and now I lost it…