Links to your submissions for "easier" voting

If you like it, you can vote for it too, it is my first publication in neonmob

Here’s mine - it’s about an android exploring the galaxy for flowers. There’ll be “real life” flowers from Earth but also some alien/sci-fi concepts as well. Check it out!

Hello! Here is mine too. Tysm for voting :3

Hi!! Adding mine here. It’s a deck about Italian Witchcraft. You can collect spells, artifacts, and gestures. One day I hope to gameify it!!

Some photos for previews


Greetings collectors! Check out my new pitch for a series of cute lil robots Scrap Autonomy!

That is very interesting. Like it.

I´m very happy to share with you my new series for vote !!! I hope you like it very much !!! 🌾🐞🦋

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It’s been a while, but I have a new submission up this week :slight_smile: Really enjoying checking all the new art out x

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I love this one :smiley:

Haven’t been around for the last couple years (stuff got really hectic with covid) but I’m excited to be back! Put up a new submission for a smaller series to get back into the swing of things!

Hy. I’ve been thinking of making a new series of drawings after some series of 3D Art (ex. Low Poly Living).
Here is my submission :


Hi, I just found out that there is a forum on neonmob hahah, here my series call it Dimetric city", if you are interested please like it, I will appreceate it :)) Dimetric City

Hey y’all! I made a new submission! It’s a series of ANIMATED CARDS about a lost maiden’s journey in a white planet called the Underside. I’d appreciate it if you guys like it! :]]

(A Collection Submission by Dmitribrutus on NeonMob)

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Love pixel art, always collectible

That’s some sweet pixel art

I wanted to create a series of clay creatures (I actually make stuff like this on another Instagram account: finderskreepersfun).
Thought it would be original, will remain to be seen if it’s popular. Hope ya like.