Limited Series selection process

I was just browsing the vote page and went to sort by newest and what immediately caught my eye was the “In progress” label right on the second newest submission. At first it kinda surprised me to see a series approved so fast, but then I noticed it was another Skin (I can’t be bothered with the 1337 spelling) series so it made sense.

After reading the comments on the submission, it got me thinking: What is the decision/selection process behind making a series Limited as opposed to regular Pro?

Because a lot of the time I see some amazing submissions with tons of votes, which get later released as regular Pro series, while some of the Limited series released are sometimes not that impressive compared to some of the “better” Pro series (I won’t list any examples for obvious reasons.)

Please note, that this is not an attack on anyone, this is not some statement, this is just pure and simply my genuine curiosity. I love Jarid’s work and appreciate all the effort that goes into making a series, whether Limited or not. I just want some insight on the process behind the decision making :slight_smile: .


TL;DR: Selection is at the team’s discretion based on factors like artist popularity, card count, quality, etc.

In response to your other questions about distribution between unlimited and limited, we reserve a number of high quality series for unlimited release in order to provide collecting options for our users.

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