Let's Talk Strategy!

Yes, sometimes series can sell out in a short span of time. Take for instance, http://www.neonmob.com/series/hottest-summer-ever (sold out in a day) and http://www.neonmob.com/series/chibi-heroes (sold out in a few days). However, the Orphanage series is not one of those series.

I’m surprised though, when I was collecting it a while back (I think November) free packs were still in abundance. I never even knew it ran out of free packs until it sold out! I never knew such a large series to sell out so fast.

I usually look for seekers of specific cards. I had come red tier cards and I looked for seekers, then I found the people who only had that card missing and they overpaid without me saying anything. :sunglasses:

But if you’re interested I have a Marble Fox (Sketch) up for trade! (There is only 160 of them. :sunglasses: )

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