iOS vs. website credit pricing difference - what and why?

Math tax or cause of doing buildings on app shared with the community?

I know it’s not significant however, it just feels shady seeing a price difference between the two platforms, especially with no mention on the app that a cheaper price was available in the site.

Also, playing up the “savings” on the app (when you purchase bulk credits) just feels slimy.

Last point, using a different credit count for each price offering is a bit disappointing as well since it makes price comparisons difficult for those not mathematically inclined.

Obviously this is just my personal opinion on an observation. I’m not suggesting it’s wrong, just not what I would expect in this community. :exploding_head:

Is this an oversight? Business practice?


As far as I know Apple gets 30% from in app purchases. Now calculate again… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh I see! Thanks for explaining that. I found an online copy of the Apple App Store matrix - and it gave the breakdown for all the tiers (less helpful when sticking to one currency since it looks like they take 30% off the top of everything, but helpful when lining up cost comparisons between countries).

It actually looks like NeonMob gets screwed by in-app purchases… it would be better for them to provide a link to the website at the point of purchase in the app if possible. That is, unless they get the fist when purchasing via their website too ( or at least, more so than through the app…).

Do you think that is against the rules? NeonMob would get to pocket more money and player/collectors would get more credits.

Now I need to go back and edit my initial comment… what a Nancy-Drew-Jackass I was… note to self… meds BEFORE NeonMob…

Thanks again and happy trading!!

Such links are surely not allowed. By the way: Its the same principle everywhere. Google is not getting rich from giving away Android OS for free. :wink: