Introducing "Self-Pay" for NeonMob Creators

NeonMob creators now have a more convenient way to manage their royalty payments with our new “self-pay” feature. Initiate royalty payments directly from your creator dashboard once a month, no more waiting on NeonMob to process your payment for you. Send your earnings through PayPal or convert your royalties directly into NeonMob credits and receive 50% bonus credits when you do. Now you can choose when and how to get paid … all with self-pay!

Of course there are some details to consider, including a $5 minimum to initiate payment and the fact that all transactions are final and non-reversible, but you can read all about self-pay in our official FAQ here: This new feature is available to all pro creators beginning on October 15.

Have questions not addressed in the FAQ? Need some guidance in making your first payment? Email us at for help.

Happy creating!

The NeonMob Team