I submitted a series. What now?

I was just able to submit my series and I have a few questions.

1- Will I be contacted or notified when my series goes live or is rejected?
2- I’ve seen card series with a red “AI” banner. Is that something that’s added post submission or should I have added it somehow?
3- Does cards or packs need to have descriptions or are they less likely to be approved without them?
4- Is there a limit on the number of series submissions per user? (Id like to work on another one)
5- How is it decided which series are limited edition and when a series ends?

Big thank you to anyone who can answer my questions :slight_smile:

1 - if it is approved, you’ll get notified in the site to start creating your series
2 - AI is no longer permitted - there is a whole posted policy from the new owners. The owners identified all the AI sets and added that banner and they are all going to be closed at the end of the month if they are still open.
3 - you can have card descriptions or not - creators choice at the moment.
4 - you can do a few, but they typically try to space out releases from artists
5 - admins make the decision on what kind of set your series will be released as and it’s end date

The creators handbook is also a helpful resource to check out.

Site admins and community is far more active on the discord server. The forums aren’t used nearly as often.