I just "burned" 750.000 carats :( - ISSUE RESOLUTION ATTACHED

(JB) #8

Same, I also burned 750K carats too thinking I was opening my freebies. Not too pleased either, I may have done one to test, but certainly not 3!

Using Android I have to visit the site on my browser so it wasn’t immediately obvious these were different packs until I closed the window after three and then saw the open pack button was still blue.


(Peopleschampion) #9

Those packs were used before, but with WAY better odds, I pulled 4 chases in a single pack of Surrender’s Side by Side. I buy one of Wallabee’s and my best card was a VR. I understand the letdown.

(Sima Seal4) #10

I nearly did that. I know this probably wasn’t out of malicious intent, but please think about decisions like that more.

(Sima Seal4) #11

Also, what does the “Limited” thing mean?

(Dorothee Rudolph) #12

‚Limited‘ means, that each card of this series has a predefined number of prints like the old ‚finite‘ series, before NM introduced the time-based new ‚unlimited‘ series. If you look at the cards you‘ve pulled from this series, you can see, that the second field of the print number count isn‘t empty. :slightly_smiling_face:

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(Shawn) #13

We have temporarily removed the pack tier, as the intended price was 25k, not 250k. The Presale carat pack is intended to be an extremely limited run of packs with great odds - not a carat sink.

Everyone that purchased packs for 250k will be refunded. No need to let us know if you purchased - I can see the purchasers and total carats spent.

For reference, here are the details of the Presale pack tier:

  • Limited to 500 packs

  • Four packs per day per collector

  • Four cards per pack with better odds than Diamond pack

Please reach out here or through NM if you haven’t received your carats in the next 48 hours.

(Sima Seal4) #14

Ok. Lemme just say, A+ play from the mods here. Looking forward to getting my points back. Will we get to keep our cards though?

Edit: : )

(Shawn) #15

Everyone will be able to keep their cards - free of charge.

(Wyando) #16

Indeed a great move from HQ. Thank you (also on behalf of my better half)!

(Childofkarma) #17

Just curious if this is still supposed to be true for the 25k packs because currently they’re only showing 2 cards per pack with the same odds as a regular 10k pack!


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(Joe @ NeonMob) #18

Yes, the Carat pack is set up correctly for Tell Us A Tale at a cost of 25k carats. This is a Limited Edition series with only 17,000 total packs available so the carat cost is higher than a Sapphire carat pack for unlimited as these Limited Edition cards are much more scarce and therefore more valuable. - Joe @ NeonMob

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(Shawn) #19

The Presale pack for 25k (not 250k) Carats is available for ‘Tell Us a Tale’. You can claim a max of 4 packs/day. There are only 500 packs total, so get them while you can!

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(Sima Seal4) #20

Just opened 4 packs and didn’t get a single chase. My bad luck strikes again.

I did get a fair few ER’s though

(JB) #21

Now the carat pack for 25K is where the free pack link was and the free packs link is gone?
Why is this first limited set being so glitchy? @NeonShawn @vagrantscout

(Joe @ NeonMob) #22

Yesterday afternoon the Freebie packs started to give collectors some issues so we had to temporarily disable it (which is why the carats pack for 25K is now in the first position). We are working to resolve this problem and hope to relaunch the freebie packs for Tell Us A Tale very soon. - Joe @ NeonMob

Blank Collecting Window?
(Ryan M) #23

We appreciate your hard work and efforts, I’m looking forward to getting the rest of these cards once the pack/card issue is resolved. Thank you, @vagrantscout!

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(Dorothee Rudolph) #24

Is that, why NM suddenly changed the out of print date for this series? Last time I checked (some days ago), it was supposed to go out of print sometime next year. But now it says, that it will go out of print on Apr 14, 2019.

Thank you and the team for working on resolving the issue with free packs. I also experienced problems, when I tried to open a free pack for this series after having opened two of the presale packs. First the app froze on me, when I tried to open packs of this series. I then switched to the website and opened two of the presale packs. I don‘t remember, if I had to reload the page each time, but I did click at least once to open one free pack. Then I went to bed. Today the app was working again, but like others it only showed me the 8 cards of the two presale packs.

(Veronica) #25

Yeh, I fell into this unfortunate click-baity like trap with Tell us a Tale as well :frowning: but managed to stop myself before I burned through too many more carats. I know it wasn’t intentionally malicious, but it’s still irritating; earning some of those carats comes at the cost of more than just finishing a series, some of us pickier collectors finished most of our chosen series a long time ago, before the new changes, and earning them requires sacrificing a few cards from already finished decks (at least for me). It sounds like simply a poor design choice.

(Spenceman01) #26

I, too, fell into the trap of having a non-freebie pack where the freebie packs usually are. Like dorotheerudolph above, I tend to open packs on autopilot which resulted in me burning carats I did not intend to spend. This whole thing feels very deceptive.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #27

All, this will not happen in the future. Freebie packs will now always be the in the first position. - Joe @ NeonMob