How do I find card counts for an active series?

Since the latest changes. I used to check through the trade window, but now it says 100+ and I’m not sure how to check without counting each trader. Any help appreciated!


Sorry, I don’t really understand what you are asking here … are you asking how many cards are available for each series? Sorry for my confusion … if you can rephrase I would be happy to help :slight_smile: - Joe @ NeonMob


Sorry Joe! I want to find how many of a specific card is in rotation when it belongs to an active series (still has pulls left). At that point it doesn’t have a total, it only shows “out of infinite”. I don’t know how to find this information anymore.


If I understand correctly, you are asking to see the number of copies of a specific card that have already been collected and are in users’ collections (i.e. not Discarded but available for trade). In other words, a “Total Available” counter telling you how many copies of a card are in rotation. If so, I don’t believe we share this information but I can ask about it. - Joe @ NeonMob


Thank you, that sounds correct. It was never an easily available number, but if I went to the trade window for “Owners” of a specific card prior to the last update, it would tell me how many people owned it. Post update, it tells me there are “100+ owners” as long as that is true. Any alternative to implementing this would also be awesome, it just makes trading a lot easier. Especially when trading across series or chase to non-chase.


This image here used to say the exact number of owners - so for older sets, we could tell how many were left to pull in packs, by looking at total number of owners, and doing a little math for those that owned more than 1 copy. This really helped for those really rare pieces with low print counts.

The example is a piece that has 300 total prints, but this 100+ doesn’t help me to see if all 300 have been puled, or if a little less than 200 are still available to pull by opening packs.



@silvermelowldy The decision to change this to a generic 100+ instead of exact owner count corresponded with a number of changes made to optimize the order of owners. The updated logic promotes active owners with high trader grades. There’s some additional magic that goes into this formula, but the goal is to display owners that are more likely to respond to a trade.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like is you’re asking for a way to see how many cards are still available in packs. For example, if there are 100 total chase cards, and only 90 show as owned, there should be 10 left in unopened packs. If this is what you’re looking for - and specific to older limited sets - the percentage sold out for the series is pretty accurate. Given my example above, if 90% of the series is sold out, you can bet there are approximately 10 chase cards still unopened.

I want to caution using collector count as a proxy for card availability - especially with older limited sets - for a number of reasons:

  • Early on, it was possible to purchase unopened packs of many older sets. Some collectors still have a lot of unopened packs in their collections. So the card your looking for may be in one of those packs.

  • Banned collectors (and their cards) don’t show up in the owners list, so it’s possible the card is on one of those accounts.

  • A card may have been discarded for points. This is less likely for older rare cards, but still possible.

With that said, I’ll discuss this with the team as a future feature.


Thanks for the feedback @NeonShawn

Originally I was trying to help clarify the request made by the original poster, but I’ll play along.
Below is maybe the most referenced owner count


For the most coveted print in the Gumpies with only 100 total cards - many people seeking this card reference this count all the time to see if there are any new owners they can possibly trade with or just to know how many might be left (and I would be surprised if anyone had packs for this set in their inventory)

With today’s count - there are 50 left - so those still opening 4 packs a day still have hope they can pull one.

This really doesn’t apply to new sets, but for those few that are still collecting the finite sets, this number is sometimes critical in figuring if a print is even available. With prints for under 100, this still works, as the example proves - but my original example with a card that has only 300 prints - I have no way to tell… unless I count as I scroll the owners.

I appreciate you talking through this - but many want to know how many of a specific print are in play - and the percentage available really wouldn’t provide that. I know that this is a problem that will eventually fix itself for the old sets as the old sets sell out - but it would still be nice to have any way to tell before they do. But it is also a nice reference to see how many prints are in play for active infinite sets, which is what I believe @nicodeamus was originally asking for.