How are Payments calculated?

I’ve been on Neonmob for a lot of years now and I’m at my 7th collection( :heart: ex: Animix, Fantastic Dragons, Low Poly Living ), but I still can’t figure out how the payment of the artist is made.
For example, for my newest collection, in june one pack sold was 0.14$, in july it’s 0.10$. For all the previous series it was 0.21$ per pack sold.

I’ve read these pages: How do creators get paid? — NeonMob Help Center and How do creators earn money on NeonMob? — NeonMob Help Center , but all i could find is " Creators receive a 30% royalty on pack sales of their pro series"

Can anyone please explain how this works?

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I only have access to very high level data points when it comes to artist royalties so I can’t provide specifics to this particular case; but typically the disparity is because of the type of credit pack that was purchased. Variant credit packs are typically less credits to purchase and therefore that 30% royalty rate return is less than on a higher cost credit pack. No changes have been made to the royalty rates that we offer creators for credit packs since I started in 2017. - Joe @ NeonMob

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