For the love of God, stop full-screening every animated print on mobile

If anyone has ever sent or received a trade with one or more animated prints, you know what I’m talking about. They go full screen, one by one, until you’ve interacted with each of them. Or until you scroll down to find more of them, then you’re back to not being able to do anything for a bit again.

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I’m wondering if this is related to iOS 17. As soon as I updated, this started happening to me as well.

There’s an option in Settings —> Accessibility —> Motion to Auto-Play Animated Images, which iOS 17 defaults to On for some godforsaken reason.

Unfortunately, I’ve turned that off, and it still happens. Given that NeonMob wants to keep 2-4 of my Highlight cards as animated ones no matter how many times I change them, it’s making the site almost unusable on mobile. For trades in fully-animated series (e.g. Land Walkers), it is unusable.

Okay, on further review, please fix this. It is only an issue on Neonmob. Even gifs in my text messages no longer autoplay.

It’s beyond irritating and makes the mobile site somewhere between largely unpleasant and downright impossible to use. This is exacerbated by the same mobile site refusing to update my showcase cards so I can at least select non-gif ones and open packs in peace.

Awful, awful UI change.

I know the forums aren’t often used anymore, but thank you! As of this past week, the issue finally seems to be fixed.

Much appreciated. This was easily the most frustrating UI bug I’ve experienced in my time here.