First major submission!

Here it is:
I enjoy collecting rocks, and I wanted somewhere to showcase a wide variety of them. When I looked up rocks, fossils, and minerals on here, I didn’t find any series directly correlated with them (but I know people can name stuff differently), so hopefully this can be something unique. The photos will be high quality, despite how the cover may look; it had to be condensed down to fit the size requirements (I’ll attach the good photo here). Don’t know if it’ll go through or not because I know the team is very stringent on photography standards and guidelines. If it doesn’t go over as a pro series, then I’ll gladly release it as an amateur one! Give it a like if interested!

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Hi! I already saw your submission earlier, and I wish you luck! As a fellow collector - of both stones in real life and cards on NeonMob - I actually know a few stone and fossil themed collections, although I do think the more the merrier and I still want to see yours get accepted too! :slight_smile:

Still, if you’re interested, here’s my list of recommendations: Crystal Healing Oracle, The Crystal Healing Oracle II, The Crystal Healing Oracle III, Fossilized. And of a similar theme, there’s also SkullGlyphic which has lots of painted-style realistic skull pictures, and The Seashell Collection which has pictures of seashells.

And to be completely clear, I’m not saying this to discourage you, but on the contrary I’d like to get more series like this! I also want to point out (for others too) that the style of your example card here is completely different from the Crystal Healing Oracle series as well, and it actually shows the gemstone more accurately. What a nice specimen!

While NeonMob has more recently wanted to put emphasis on drawn art, I do think series like these still hold value (whether the images are heavily modified or not) since it’s a lot of work in itself to collect enough items to showcase them like that! But still, if your submission doesn’t get accepted as a regular one (which I’m afraid it might not, not without a drawn component, which could distract from the topic itself), I’d like to see it as an amateur series too - no shame in that!

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Thank you for the recommendations, I will definitely look into them (specifically the Crystal Healing Oracle)! I know about a lot of the photography restrictions, but maybe I’ll get lucky! If it doesn’t workout, it’ll become an amateur series, which I don’t mind either.

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