Finding Out If there are cards left to collect

In series where there are limited numbers of cards, is there any way to find out if there are any particular cards left. For example I am looking for card Donald, there were 10, are there any in the unpacked cards or are they all out and I need to trade. Does that make sense

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There is an extension that shows total number of prints of a limited card.
And you can use a list of owner to count number of owned prints (note, some users may have multiple cards).
Though, as I see, for limited series total number of prints isn’t decreased when somebody discards cards. But I doubt that somebody discards cards with small number of prints (=valuable).

Thanks for the reply. Where do i find that extension

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Here it is:
By the way, another way to get the number of prints is to start trade with anybody - in the trade window, every card has “copies” or “print” property where mentioned the total number.

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Thanks 7nik, very helpful info. My initial concern seems to have been fixed by the way