Discarding Community Discussion

Greetings all,

We are currently working on modifications to discarding, and I wanted to reach out to start a discussion on what we have planned. First off, thank you to all of you that have used the discarding feature. We’ve gathered a ton of insight and are excited to share some stats with you!

Discarding Stats:

  • Total cards discarded: 370k+
  • Common: 233k
  • Uncommon: 71k
  • Rare: 41k
  • Very Rare: 11k
  • Extremely Rare: 9k
  • Chase: 2k
  • Variant: 3k
  • Total Points: ~65 million!

Point Value: The first thing I want to address is card point value. As many of you have pointed out, not all cards of the same rarity are equally as rare. For example the odds of a pack containing an extremely rare card from one set can be 1/10 where in another it can be 1/50. Because of this, we plan to include odds when determining card point value.

With that in mind, we don’t want to over-promote discarding exceptionally rare cards. The intent of discarding is to give you a way to get rid of unwanted cards that are difficult to trade away… a way to essentially get rid of clutter in your collections. There won’t be a penalty for discarding exceptionally rare cards, but the value will start to taper off after a certain amount. Additionally, we will be introducing new ways to earn and spend points. Discarding will still be useful for obtaining points, but it won’t be the primary source or nearly as fun as many of the features we have planned. :wink:

Discard Packs: The second point I want to address is what we’re going to do with all these discarded cards. We have some cards from sets that have been unavailable since 2013! The short answer is discards will be re-released in limited quantities once we can create a fair number of well-weighted packs (meaning several full sets can be completed). As some of these will be extremely limited, we are still working out how to release them properly to give everyone a fair shot at obtaining some of the older sets. As this is an initial discussion, don’t worry about missing out, as the discards wont be released soon. Also, @vagrantscout and I will give A LOT of updates and warnings before the first discard pack is released.

Please post any and all comments / suggestion you may have, as we truly appreciate your feedback.

Happy collecting!


Hi there, this sounds good. \

One point I have regarding discarding is I wanted to discard a set that was removed due to copyright issues and the card now says ‘this image is no longer available’ making it impossible to trade. However, the points to remove them is 400 points per card. When a set is removed due to copyright infringement could you not just remove the entire set from everyone with no penalty?

The set is ‘saccstry’ that I’m referring to.

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That’s not a penalty. You get 400 points per card. You don’t pay 400 points per card.


i’m finding the discard feature great for what you stated were your intention, but I am not sure if this is the place to bring it up but today i had a real cleanout and was able to amass 6 free packs, when I reached six packs the clock stopped ticking down and I saw 6 full. In effect i lost one pack only but i thought these extras were not meant to affect the one pack per hour, just as the streak, adds the bonus to the six you have accumulated.


The streak also resets the timer when you reach 6 packs or more. For example if you have 4 packs and you open the first pack at the start of NeonMob’s day (depends on NeonMob’s timezone, not your own), you will have 3 left and get a maximum of 3 free packs from the streak, so you will have 6 packs and the timer stops. That’s why I make sure to open a few packs before the next day starts, so I have 3 or less free packs at the start of the day, so the timer keeps running after getting my streak.


thats interesting because it doesn;t respond that way for me i start every day with a full 6 packs and on attempting to open my second pack of the day my streak bonus comes up i click ok for the three packs and my pack meter registers eight packs

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Yes, your max can go above 6 but once it reaches 6, regardless of how, the timer stops.


ah ok. my concern was that with discarding that didn’t happen, i couldn’t
go beyond six even if some were discards and some were hourly

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I think this feature should be called recycling instead of discarding - more positive connotations.


+1 to changing the name to recycling, since they are being tracked and will eventually be re-released as recycle packs. Though I’m not sure I’d really be interested in discard packs. There might be a miniscule chance (read, lotto jackpot odds) of getting a Kojiki that someone randomly threw away, but there’s a much greater chance (read, chance of the sun rising (Alaskan winter notwithstanding)) of getting something I’m just going to recycle again. When I first joined Neonmob many years ago, everyone kept up with every set released. Then there were more sets released faster, and stuff I didn’t care for, and now I’ll look at some people’s set list and I don’t recognize most of them. The odds are pretty good that I’ll get a bunch of singles from sets I’ve never heard of. I’m not interested in getting a single card from a dead set, even if it’s an amazing set that I would really want to collect.

As for recycling itself, after realizing that all I get is an extra hourly pack, I’ve decided it’s not worth recycling 100 white cards. If I really want more free packs, I’ll just log in more often.
I can appreciate being able to clean up hard to trade cards/sets, but I think a better focus would be improvements in the ability to find good trades so that those hard to trade cards aren’t so hard to trade anymore. As it is, now there’s a smaller pool of people who have hard to find cards because they have recycled them.

Improvements I’d like to see to recycling include, reward packs being separate from the hourly packs, getting an extra pack of any set, regardless of if I’ve opened all 3 available packs for the day. Getting a ruby/diamond pack. Or just getting some credits instead of a reward pack.

So there’s a half hour of thoughts for you.


Thanks for all your feedback!

@falconerd hit the nail straight on with what we’ve been discussing, so I’ll throw out some additional info on what we have planned:

Regarding discard packs, we will only release packs that collectors will find valuable. The last thing we want is for a discard pack to be re-discarded. Also, discard packs will be series-specific (not a hodgepodge of misc. cards). This may mean we only release a number of packs per series that guarantee at least one high-value card (rarity, low number, etc.). And if we can only guarantee 100 packs for a series, that’s all that will be released.

Regarding reward pack distribution, we plan to replace the automatic freebie reward system with a points bank. Collectors will be able to use points to purchase packs from a series and exceed the daily freebie limit for that day. Those packs will have better odds than the base packs.

Also, the daily streak bonus of a number of freebies will be replaced with points. Stay tuned: we have quite a few new ways to accumulate and use points planned beyond discarding and purchasing packs!

@cloud9, If we change the name to recycling, you’ll get credit. :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’m glad the discussions behind the scenes have been thinking through many of the same issues I came up with. =)
I look forward to what you guys come up with.

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So, I just went and discarded cards to earn some points. When I reached the threshold to claim a free pack for those points, I did click on “discard more cards”. But then the counter started again from zero and I did receive another stupid free pack. do log in often enough, that I do get many free packs already. So, from now on I have to stay below that treshold, when discarding cards and I’ve waisted points. :confounded:


It doesn’t make sense that you automatically spend 10,000 points on a free pack instead of being able to collect more points and buy free packs when you want to or save them up for when new features arrive. :confused: They should fix this. I have actually never discarded a card, so for me this isn’t an issue though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Discarding is working as designed, as the system is still in beta. The purpose of automatically converting points to packs is necessary while we evaluate how the system impacts the economy. We will announce when the revised system including banking points will go live for those that wish to wait to use the feature.