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I love this game !! A whole 8 days !! My question is, why do people decline and not say why ? I need to learn and it confuses me when this happens. Not even a counter. Feedback welcome !!!

Definitely don’t take this personally as people decline trades all the time for a variety of reasons. Some trades are “auto-declined” because a card that was in the trade was traded away to another collector. Other times, trades expire if the other collector doesn’t accept or decline within 48 hours. Finally, a collector may actively decline a trade because they don’t feel as though the offer was valuable enough to let go of the card in question, the card wanted is not one they are willing to part with (might be the last one, might be a favorite, might just not want to trade cards from a specific series). Many active collectors receive dozens of trades daily so responding to all declines would be a time consuming endeavor.

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Happy collecting!

Joe @ NeonMob

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Thank you so much for explaining that !!! Totally get it now !! I’m learning about numbers !! I got a #2 yesterday !!!

Anything under a #10 is considered to be a super low number … wait 'til you pick up your first #1 :exploding_head:


I did get a #2 !!!

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I also wish people would tell me why, so I can either fix my offer or help my trading in the future. Some people do and I appreciate it!

A good chunk of active traders I find also put something in their bio about how they trade. Some have a lot stricter rules, while others are more relaxed. It also takes a while to understand how this whole system works as well. I’ve been active for almost 8 months now and I finally feel like I understand mostly what’s going on with the trading system :stuck_out_tongue:

The big one I find for a lot of traders (That I didn’t figure out for some time :stuck_out_tongue: ) is in print and out of print series, and then how old the series is, as well, can change the “value” of cards. Obviously this is dependent on each trader, although it is something to think about if you are doing cross series trades :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m glad you’re getting the hang of trading now! I am one of those traders that is more relaxed and yeah those old series are tricky. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ll find that many traders won’t give up a single, even if it’s from a series they’re not actively collecting. I personally am more than willing to trade off singles for cards of similar value if I’m not interested in a particular series. As mentioned above, it completely depends upon the person’s collecting strategy and personality.

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