Dealing with stingy/greedy collectors

It seems some people are greedy or stingy.
Some people declined cross-trades which i’m trying to complete their collection unless it’s below 50% (or something) which looks stingy. On the other hand, there are greedy collectors who will trade your dupe with something you don’t interested in and the worse, some of his/her collection are mostly not in your collections or you don’t have something in common for collection.

How do you deal with these such people?

P.S. I always follow the tips about trading to avoid being ripped-off.

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  • Ask before send them a trade.
  • Try to find something they need of equal value.
  • If the card I want is rare or limited, I usually overpay.
  • Patience.

I have done the things you mention, mostly because:

  • I have dupes that I’m saving (older sets)
  • I love a card and I’m hoarding it.
  • I have a 80% complete set, but I don’t like the rest of the cards/mid collecting I realize didn’t like it.
  • I have sets with only 1-3 cards, but those are the cards I like and I won’t trade them.
  • The trade seems unfair or the cards you’re offering are easier to get.
  • I don’t have the time to counter.
  • The person asking for a trade have multiple accounts.

Also, not every collector use the same rules, that’s why is easier to talk to them first.


Just ignore or decline their trades.
I can understand, what you mean, because I have some older serires that I try to complete with much more valuable trades, but not all accept my trades. That’s collectors life :slight_smile:


honestly i tend to either message them or just ignore them - on the a similar note I LOVE TO TRADE lol - so as long as it is a dupe and a series i have open feel free :revolving_hearts: (this goes out to anyone reading this post lol)


“The person asking for a trade have multiple accounts”
“I love a card and I’m hoarding it”

Obvious reasons why neonmob got negative reputation. Many users would leave if they know things such as this, Multiple accounts? that’s nasty like stealing candy from a kid.

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Sometimes I really like the print number so I won’t trade it, or it’s one of my favourite card so and they’re offering me things I don’t care for.

As soon as someone angrily tells me they offered me a fair trade why the fuck didn’t I accept it I’ll also definitely not accept anything from them. The thing is what’s important to me about my cards may be different to what you see as important and you need to respect that.


My bigger worry about neonmob is the collectors/creators leaving neonmob. I think they’re tired of changes or just hated how many people aren’t really that kind. Would anyone like people who are just stingy/greedy? well, neonmob is now full of robbers. I’ll keep my artworks from this site.

A creator isn’t just robbed by a person with multiple accounts, also the collectors.

in conclusion,
the major problems of neonmob is horrible changes and users with multi-accounts.

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Report them if they have multiple accounts. I understand that it is against the rules to have more than one.


Yes, users are only allowed one account as funneling cards from dummy account to a main account is not allowed. Although it does take time for us to research and ban these users, please do email if you come across users cheating. - Joe @ NeonMob


how do i report people?

You can email me directly at or message me here. - Joe @ NeonMob

I want to mention, that there are many kind people here. Just takes some time to separate them from the others. :slightly_smiling_face: When I was new here I tried to ask back why and so learned a lot about different ways of thinking and collecting here. Remember: No one has to trade! Would be a bit easier if more would use the wishlist features or write their rules in bio. (The typical “fair trades only” is useless by the way because fair is totally subjective.) Greetings to all kind collectors and all the awesome artists on this platform. :raising_hand_man:


How can I tell if someone has multiple accounts?

If you have a concern that a user is violating our Terms of Service by operating multiple accounts, please send a note with the usernames in question to and we can investigate. Thanks! - Joe @ NeonMob

One of the wonderful things about Neon mob is the diverse range of people who collect create and enjoy…
I have had people tell me what I am collecting in an attempt to get me to take cards from a set I have only a handful of cards from and have decided I wont collect. It does not happen but when it does I counter if I can or decline if I have to. several of those people have been less than pleased with me, but the joy of the game is I get to choose what cards I collect and. Unlike others all my sets are either active being collected, I have stopped collecting or the set is complete, but others are ib this for different reasons, support them, it’s a game, the world will keep turning if I don’t get that chase or variant, I’ll try my best to trade it but at the end of the day the person sittiing on the card I want, has every right to do with it as they want, not as I want. Neon Mob is probably the most engaging game I have encountered since my days playing shooters, it isn’t perfect, but neither am I, a perfect match