Clarifying on trading

The FAQ says:
Can I offer the same trade to more than one person?

Yes, and then the race is on! The first collector to respond will be able to accept your trade. If a trade cannot be completed due to the artworks no longer being available when a collector responds to an offer, the transaction will not go through. When you have multiple trades that contain the same card, the first trade accepted will trigger an auto-decline or auto-withdraw for all remaining trades.

What I am not clear about is, lets assume I do have 2x Card X.
I do a trade of this Card X to player 1.
I do a trade of this Card X to player 2.

Regarding the FAQ, once the first player accept the trade the other player get declined on my trade.
Or will the second player get my second card, and I end up with no Card X at all?!

Just to be sure to get that clarified. I try to pay attention when doing trades, but have withdraw started trades after I saw I had already offered one card to someone else and was afraid I would lose both cards at once (to 2 different players).

Hope my example is clear enough…

Once the first trade is accepted, the second is auto-declined by system.


Thank you!

what @peopleschampion says is correct: If you post two trades with the same card, once one of the trade offers is accepted the second trade offer will be auto-declined. We do this specifically so collectors don’t inadvertently trade away all the duplicates of a card when trading. - Joe @ NeonMob