Can I view the prints that I don't own with with color?

Prints that I don’t have show in the collection as grayscale. Also, the prints I don’t have in the series activity feed is also grayscale. Can I view the cards that I don’t have in full resolution with color? Sometimes I just scroll through new series to collect and just want to admire some of them, the ones that is too late to collect.

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Tip for the website: when you isn’t logined in NeonMob, cards are colorful, but you cannot see animation (just static colored images). You can visit the site with incognito/anonymous browser mode to not login out.


I think that’s the whole point for the art you don’t own to be grayscale (at the very least). This gives you the incentive to collect them, otherwise everyone would just look at any series they want and nobody would collect anything. This ain’t instagram, if you want a card you don’t own, trade it with someone who does.


I am thankful for the tip from 7nik. For some cards the colour changes it totally and its good to have a chance to check before trading something rare away.:blush:


I would so love a way to be able to view unowned cards in color! Maybe if we could click on the grayscale image or hover over it to see full size/color… still keep them showing in grayscale when unowned but just a way to view it in color when we want to. This would be incentive for me to collect more cards; being able to see how lovely they are in full color and size would make me want them more.