Can anyone relate?

Hey everyone! Been playing for a couple years and love NeonMob!

Just feeling a little confused and sad right now… :frowning_face:

Someone blocked me today and I’m really not sure why…sent a trade, followed their rules — offered a similar card number of an out of print series plus 2 extras since it was the last one I needed to complete the set, plus they were the only one that owned more than one copy.

Sent a message, basically “no worries if you decline” then a couple minutes later received a message “BLOCKED” :dotted_line_face: and just ??? I don’t know if they just glanced at the trade and mistakenly thought I was offering 3 for their 1 or what but… :sob:

I know it’s just a game but it really threw be for a loop ya know? So yeah long shot but does anyone want to post funny/cute pictures to help me feel better? lol

Anyone else feel my pain and have series that you know you’ll never be able to complete?

Ashley, sorry you had a bad blocking experience … some collectors just do this, I’m not really sure why. But when it comes to commiserating with others or seeing cute pics of cats and stuff, join us over on Discord: NeonMob

Joe @ NeonMob